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Our Orthopaedics Department is a unique team of skilled surgeons, each highly trained in specific areas of interest including:

Sports Medicine
Spine Surgery
Spinal Cord Stimulation
Total Joint Replacement
Upper Extremity, Hand & Wrist
Ankle & Foot Surgery

As the Official Team Physicians for the Tampa Bay Lightning, our orthopaedic surgeons see and treat it all — everything from sprains, tears, fractures and sports injuries to ankle and wrist fractures to complex spinal deformities. Additionally, our orthopaedic surgeons are the trusted team physicians for many local colleges and high school teams.


We offer patients and their families a host of nonsurgical treatments like carpal tunnel syndrome casting and injections. Our team also brings years of experience in complex surgical options, including arthroscopic surgery, hip resurfacing, total joint replacement, posterior spinal fusion, ACL reconstruction and more.

Our caring staff of board-certified orthopaedic and sports medicine doctors are patient focused. We always aim to explore non-invasive treatments before suggesting surgical options.

A Day in the Life of the Orthopaedics Department


Follow a day in the life of our expert team of Orthopaedic surgeons as they work to achieve positive results for patients and families.

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South Tampa

602 S Howard Ave
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South Tampa

602 S Howard Ave
Tampa, Florida 33606

Orthopaedics Care Team at this location:
ACL Injury Treatment & Reconstruction

There are many ways to treat an ACL injury. At Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health, we work one-on-one with you to help determine the best approach to ACL injury treatment. We offer a full range of surgical and non-surgical treatment options.

Learn More About ACL Injury Treatment & Reconstruction

Arthrex ACP system

This system is used to accelerate tissue healing and cell growth.

Arthritis Treatment

We are able to provide a number of treatment options related to arthritis. We will meet with you to learn more about your symptoms and discuss all the available options to help you find relief.


Osteoarthritis, knee injuries, hip conditions, shoulder injuries, spine conditions. These are some of the conditions our team can treat with an arthroscopy. We’re proud to have all of the necessary tools to provide you with the highest caliber of safe and effective surgical care.

Learn More About Arthroscopy

Cartilage Regeneration

This innovative treatment method is used to help restore damaged articular cartilage in areas such as the knee. We will meet with you one-on-one to determine if cartilage regeneration is right for you.

Compression Fractures Treatment

There are a range of treatment options for those experiencing compression fractures. Consult with our team of orthopaedic specialists to learn about the best method for your condition.

Cortisone Injections

Cortisone shots are used to ease pain and reduce swelling in various parts of the body. The most common areas to receive cortisone shots are in the knee, shoulder, hip, feet and hands.

Degenerative Conditions

Normal wear and tear on the body, as well as certain lifestyle habits such as vigorous exercise routines, may cause degenerative diseases to worsen over time. We offer a comprehensive range of treatment options for all degenerative conditions.

Fractured Fingers & Hands Treatment

Our orthopaedic team is uniquely equipped to treat patients with any type of finger, hand or upper extremity fractures. We provide a number of surgical and non-surgical treatment options.

Hand Surgery

We understand that the decision to undergo hand surgery is a highly personal one, and that there is no single option that’s right for every patient. The hand contains 29 different bones, more than 100 ligaments, 34 muscles, and nearly 50 different nerves. Our orthopaedic specialists at Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health can help you make sense of your various treatment options, from conservative therapies to minimally invasive surgery and everything in between.

Learn More About Hand Surgery

Hand Tendon & Ligament Treatment

Our Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine & Spine team are experts in treating patients suffering from issues related to hand tendon and ligaments.

Herniated Disc Treatment

Many treatment methods are available for those suffering from a herniated disc. If conservative methods, such as physical therapy and pain relievers, has proven unsuccessful, we may recommend surgical repair options.

Hip Replacement

Hip pain can make it difficult to live life to the fullest. At Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health, we perform hip replacements for patients with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteonecrosis, hip fractures, and other conditions.

Learn More About Hip Replacement

Hip Resurfacing

Hip resurfacing is just one of the advanced orthopaedic procedures we offer to patients with conditions affecting the hips or other joints. Our team can review your diagnosis and recommend a range of treatments, from medication and physical therapy to surgery and everything in between.

Learn More About Hip Resurfacing

Hyaluronic acid injections

Therapy used to treat knee pain related to osteoarthritis. Hyaluronic acid injections are typically recommended for patients who have already tried alternative treatment methods, such as pain relievers.

Joint Replacement

We offer outpatient joint replacements at our state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery center. By providing you with access to the latest and most innovative orthopedic procedures, our team has helped countless individuals find long-term pain relief and return to active and fulfilling lives.

Learn More About Joint Replacement

Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery and partial knee replacement procedures are performed by our team of highly experienced orthopedic surgeons, all of whom are actively involved in the advancement of today’s latest surgical techniques. We have numerous fellowship-trained and board-certified surgeons on our team, and each of our practitioners blends their clinical expertise with a caring and compassionate bedside manner.

Learn More About Knee Replacement

MAKO Robotic-Arm Assisted Hip & Knee Replacement

This innovative surgical treatment option is used for total hip and knee replacement. Replacement of the hip or knee is recommended to treat patients who suffer from non-inflammatory or inflammatory degenerative diseases.

Orthobiologics for Shoulder Instability

Our specialized orthopaedics team will meet with you to review all of your treatment options for patients suffering from shoulder instability.

Optimized Positioning System (OPS) for Hips

The OPS program make hip replacement possible. Our team of orthopaedic hip surgeons utilize the OPS technology to simulate how a patients hip joints move during daily activity.

Physical Therapy

Our orthopaedics department works closely with our Physical Therapy Department to help patients restore movement and function in various parts of the body.

Learn More About Physical Therapy

Revision Joint Replacement

While most joint replacement surgeries are successful, a revision may be necessary if the original implant wears down over time or becomes infected. A decrease in function or stability can be significantly detrimental to your day-to-day life, and prompt treatment is advised if a joint replacement begins to fail.

Learn More About Revision Joint Replacement

Scoliosis in Children & Adults

Scoliosis is a condition affecting the spine where the spine curves to the left or right, creating a C-shaped curve. Dr. Cronen specializes in treating adolescent and adult scoliosis and will be able to recommend the right treatment for you.

Shoulder Arthroscopy

This type of surgical procedure involves using a tiny camera (arthroscope) to examine and repair the tissue within the shoulder joint. This allows for quicker recovery times to get you back to optimal health.

Shoulder Rotator Cuff Repair

Surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff typically involves a specialized surgeon re-attaching the tendon to the upper arm bone. Our team of orthopaedic surgeons are here to help you determine if surgery is right for you.

Shoulder Surgery

Our orthopedic surgeons practice today’s most innovative techniques, using minimally invasive and arthroscopic procedures whenever appropriate to limit disruption of healthy muscles and connective tissues. As a result, we are able to help patients get back to active, pain-free lives as quickly and safely as possible.

Learn More About Shoulder Surgery

Spinal Trauma, Tumors, Spinal Surgery

We treat a number of spinal conditions, including spinal trauma, spinal tumors and conditions affecting the cervical spine. We may recommend conservative methods of treatment, such as physical therapy, or surgical procedures to correct the spine.

Sports Medicine

As the Official Team Physicians for the Tampa Bay Lightning, our sports medicine specialists will take the time to review your diagnosis, symptoms, and personal lifestyle goals, then recommend the most appropriate treatment options for your needs.

Learn More About Sports Medicine

Torn Meniscus Treatment

The ideal approach to torn meniscus treatment often depends on the extent and location of the tear. Patients of all ages and activity levels can discuss their treatment options with a team of highly experienced orthopedic physicians, surgeons, and sports medicine specialists.

Learn More About Torn Meniscus Treatment

Total Shoulder Replacement & Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

We provide a number of options for patients requiring shoulder replacement surgery. Our team of orthopaedic specialists will be able to review your condition and recommend the best treatment option for you.

Viscosupplementation Treatment

This procedure is performed to help patients with osteoarthritis of the knee. During viscosupplementation, hyaluronic acid is injected into the knee joint to help improve movement within the knee joints.



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