Direct Messaging

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This Direct Messaging platform is NOT available for patient use. Direct messaging is specifically designed for the exchange of patient health information across EHR networks. It is strictly intended as a technical standard for securely exchanging health information between physicians, hospitals, labs, and other healthcare providers.  Direct messaging meets the rigid privacy and security measures of HIPAA.

Allergy & Immunology

Samridhi Nallamshetty, MD
Daniel Reichmuth, MD


Hal Applebaum, MD
William Capo, MD
Vladimir Curkovic, MD
Hector Fontanet, MD
Imran Ismail, DO
Arlene Lobo, MD
Carlos Marinelli, MD
Roberto Medina, MD
Reynaldo Mulingtapang, MD
Sameer Nagamia, MD
Gilbert Postler, MD
Andrea Tordini, MD
Thomas Woodrow, MD

Cardiology Electrophysiology

Paul Gerczuk, MD


Diana Calderone, MD
Rachel Careccia, MD
Lisa M. Diaz, DO
Peter Donelan, MD
Lowella Esperanza, MD
Florence Nappi, MD

Ear, Nose & Throat

Lance Meyerson, MD


Judy Barzey, MD
Yuvraj Kumbkarni, MD
Carlos Palacio Ramirez, MD
Jessica Valenti, MD


Joseph Caradonna, MD
Tawfik Chami, MD
Joseph Cody, MD
Mark Eisner, MD
Dennis Feldman, MD
Barry Frank, MD
Robert Gilbert, MD
David Heiman, MD
Martin Maldonado, MD
Ricardo Prieto, MD
R. David Shepard, MD
Soloman Singh, MD

General Surgery

Kimberly Apple, MD
Thomas Castillenti, DO
Jonathan Lohrbach, MD
Earl McAllister, MD

Infectious Disease

Elvis Castillo Garcia, MD
Emilio Dominguez, MD
Phuong Nguyen, MD
Keith Rosenbach, MD
Petros Tsambiras, MD

Interventional Cardiology

Ronald Hulse, MD
Jesal Popat, MD
John Sullebarger, MD

Interventional Pain Management

Manjul Derasari, MD
Casey O’Donnell, DO

MOHS-Micrographic Surgery

James Poitras, MD


Alejandro Carvallo, MD
Beverly Deliz-Tirado, MD
Sohail Khan, MD
Vijay Patel, MD


Angel Gonzalez Rodriguez, MD
Edmund Grant, MD
Jennifer Jain, MD
Allauddin Khan, MD
Katherine Standley, DO

Non Interventional Pain Management

Gabriel Somori, MD


Michael Jackson, MD
Niraj Patel, MD


Susmitha Apuri, MD
Richard Mcdonough, MD
Samina Reza, MD


Mark Arey, MD
Leonard Cortelli Jr, MD
Marianne Diego-Wright, MD
Allen Pusateri, MD
Thomas Pusateri, MD
Sejal Shah, MD
Christopher Spanich, MD

Orthopaedic Surgery

Gerald Alexander, MD
Seth Cooper, MD
Geoffrey Cronen, MD
Brian Domby, MD
Roger “Casey” Gaskins III, MD
Richard Gray, MD
Ira Guttentag, MD
Daniel Murphy, MD
Charles Nalley, MD
Stephen Raterman, MD

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Henry Redmon, MD


Mazen Abboud, DPM

Primary Care

Ambreen Alam, DO
Camille Anise, MD
Colin Beach, MD
Rafael Blasini, MD
Antonio Bunker-Huertas, MD
Allison Burton, MD
Richard Bymaster, MD
Norman Castellano, MD
Sirisha Chalasani, MD
George Cheeseman lll, MD
Yamitza Cordero-Ferrer, MD
Joseph Cozzolino, MD
Gerald Curley, DO
George Davis, DO
Veronica Davis, DO
Jacqui Dawson, DO
Vijaykumar Desai, MD
Jon Dipietro, MD
Anthony Esposito, DO
Tomas Figueroa-Nieves, MD
Nancy Finnerty, MD
Christopher Garcia, MD
Eduardo Gonzalez, MD
A.R. Gutierrez III, DO
Anniliea Gunn, MD
Elizabeth Herman, MD
Belen Herrero, MD
Paul Hughes, MD
Allison Hull, DO
Richard Ina, MD
Kanchan Kamath, MD
Samir Kapoor, MD
Imran Kayani, MD
Todd Larue, MD
Roshan Mahtani, MD
Fredrick Malibiran, DO
Shifa Malik, MD
Veronica Mardo, MD
Morayma Martinez, MD
Tracy McKay, DO
Lakshmi Menezes, MD
Naresh Menezes, MD
Marty Odom, MD
Kanchan Parasher, MD
Mikin Patel, MD
Parag Pitroda, MD
Sivaram Rajan, MD
Mayra Rivera Santiago, MD
Manuel Sainz de la Pena, MD
Rene Santoscoy, MD
Vanessa Sarquis, MD
Sam Scolaro, DO
Shaily Shah, DO
Frank Sirchia, MD
Yamira Soto, MD
James Sotrop, MD
Sonia Trzmielina, MD
Rohitkumar Vyas, MD
Stanley Watkins, MD
Jennifer White, MD
James Zaccari, DO
Alyssa Zwarych, MD

Proctology/Colorectal Surgery

Robert Theobald, DO


Barkat Khan, MD
Maulik Trivedi, MD

Pulmonary Disease

Juan Cevallos, MD
Nathan Do, MD
Theron Ebel, MD
Joseph Hubaykah, MD
Marian Menezes, MD
Chirag Shah, DO
Sailesh Shah, DO
Ravikanth Vydyula, MD


Natalie Faith, MD
Alicia Fierro, DO
David Rivera, MD
Ernesto Rodriguez, MD
David Sikes, MD
Amarilis Torres, MD

Sports Medicine

Arnold Ramirez, MD


Colby Clark, MD

Urgent Care

Timothy Connor, MD
Mitchell Forman, MD
Mashira Jackson-Gallegos, MD
Catherine Paltoo, MD
Jennifer Wetherington, MD


Brent Sullivan, MD
Mark Yockey, MD

Vascular Surgery

Paul Citrin, MD