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"Thank you to all."

I am a new patient of Dr. Cronen and Florida Medical Clinic. Dr. Cronen and his staff identified the medical condition contributing to the pain I was experiencing on the very first visit. After a consultation with Josh, his PA, and Dr. Cronen, a treatment plan was discussed. Today I received the first treatment to determine what steps may need to be taken in the future. I am extremely pleased that I learned of Dr. Cronen through a general electronic communication my wife received on her smart phone. The staff at the front desk, check-in and out, including follow-up appointments, are very polite and courteous. Thank you to all.

- Thomas D.

"Thank you Dr. Cronen for all you do."

Dr. Cronen has been an excellent orthopedic to our daughter since she was 15. He helped her with her scolosis and she is doing great. If I could give Dr. Cronen an award for his excellent quality work, he deserves it. Thank you Dr.Cronen for all you do.

- The B. Family

"I am now living a life I previously thought unattainable."

Dr. Cronen performed surgery on my lumbar spine in 2016. My two year follow up was last week and my progress continues to exceed my expectations. Prior to seeing Dr. Cronen I’d been diagnosed with osteoarthritis and stenosis. I’d tried physical therapy and a corticosteroid injection to relieve my pain and discomfort. Both provided some relief but my condition continued to degrade. I’m an avid runner and enjoy racing. I’d reached a point where I could no longer pursue these activities. After reviewing my MRI and treatment options with Dr. Cronen I chose surgery since it appeared to provide the best chance for long term relief. Ten months after surgery I participated in a 5K race for the first time in over three years. I won my age group in that race and have raced several times over the last fourteen months with results I never expected to be able to achieve. Dr. Cronen fixed my spine and I put in the post-op work he recommended to insure I’d have the best possible outcome. Dr. Cronen has wicked amazing skills and thanks to him I am now living a life I previously thought unattainable.

- John K.

"Dr. Cronen saved my quality of life!"

Dr. Cronen saved my quality of life! I began having intermittent numbness in my hand when performing certain functions such as starting IVs. As an RN with many years of repetitive motions I self diagnosed myself with “old age-itis”. The symptoms became more severe and I saw a neurologist who diagnosed spinal cord compression in the cervical spine due to stenosis.

After treatment with steroids, NSAIDs, and PT the numbness was alleviated. Shortly thereafter the problem returned, this time to both hands. Despite the same treatment, I then developed severe pain radiating down my arm. As a typical nurse, I again attempted to self treat with no relief. After an ER visit and evaluation by neurologist I was referred to Dr Cronen. I will never forget telling him that I was not ready to be an “old lady” and that I wanted to be able to garden, ride my bike, and work as a nurse. My position of comfort was my head down on my chest area resting on a neck pillow, and if I looked up the pain would start. In his office Dr Cronen got down on his knees so that I could see his face! Wow! Most of the neurosurgeons I had worked with seem to consider themselves a higher power and would never “stoop so low”. After the consult I was very comfortable with the surgery option. Immediately after having a cervical discectomy with fusion at 3 levels in the cervical spine, I had NO PAIN! 4 years later I am doing all the things I could do prior to surgery. Dr Cronen is not only a skilled surgeon, he is a compassionate person who truly cares about his patients.

- Erin L.

"I am grateful to have such a wonderful spine surgeon!!"

Dr. Cronen is not only a highly skilled surgeon, he is a caring, considerate person. He assessed my injury quickly and accurately. He explained all of the treatment options and the long term ramifications of each one then left the final decision up to me. His surgical work is second to none, he personally visited me every day I was in the hospital for 2 separate spinal surgeries. It was obvious that he was concerned not just about the surgical outcome, but my overall quality of life following both surgeries.


He explains medical information in terms that are easily understood and was more than happy to answer every question I had. He was patient and kind, never rushed through an appointment and always made me feel like I was his only patient. His kindness, knowledge and sincere sense of humor made experiencing a major spinal injury just a little bit less scary and stressful. After many years of living with excruciating pain, he has been able to return me to near normal life with little to no pain at all. I am grateful to have such a wonderful spine surgeon!!

- Heather D.

"There are no words to explain how relieved I feel with Dr. Cronen in my life"

Today is day 10 after surgery, Did I even think it was possible to have lower back surgery & return to work in 10 days….The answer was, I sure hope so….lol. I met Dr. Cronen through a referral from my family doctor. My doctor said to me “I would recommend this guy for my wife if she needed work done” With that said, I called the same day and made an appointment. I met Dr. Cronen and his staff for the first time in 2012. He took a good look at my history and sent me off for pictures. After seeing my problem for the third time (Cervical Disc Fusion) all diff levels. Yes this will be my third surgery on my spine, except there was one big difference, it was Dr Cronen himself & his staff. Never have I felt so comfortable with a team like this on my side. My surgery went flawless & was back home/work in almost no time at all.

Now my latest, once again my family doctor told me to go back and see Dr. Cronen for my lower back, I knew I needed surgery about 5 years ago, but I dreaded the horrible stories I’ve heard about back surgery. After seeing Dr. Cronen and his team jump into action again to help me with this problem….I knew it couldn’t be that bad. Today is day 10 after back surgery, there are no words to explain how relieved I feel with Dr. Cronen in my life. Thank you Dr. Cronen, Thank you Rebecca, and not to forget, Thank You Josh. This team of doctors and staff, truly changed my life. We are all blessed.

- Barney L.

"I am forever grateful to have such an amazing doctor."

As a 12 year old with scoliosis and spondylolisthesis, I was honestly terrified to have to undergo a major surgery to correct it. I’m very thankful to have had Dr. Cronen by my side throughout the whole experience. He is very kind and helped me to feel a lot less worried about my surgery. The main thing I was afraid of going into surgery was that I wouldn’t be able to dance again since it is such a huge part of my life, however just a couple months after the procedure I was doing perfectly fine, and I was even dancing at home and doing things like handstands and cartwheels. Now, 2 years after my surgery I am back to dancing and I’m doing better than I ever was before. Recently I have also been able to go back on pointe, which I missed after having to stop dancing for about a year. If it wasn’t for Dr. Cronen I would definitely not be in the amazing state I’m in today and I am forever grateful to have such an amazing doctor.

- Alyssa H.

"He is the kind of doctor we need more of because he doesn’t stop at Doctor. He is personable and genuinely cares about his patients."

Hi! My name is Lizette. I was born in India, raised in Kuwait, and move to the U.S in 1997. I had polio as a child which caused paralysis in my right leg and muscle weakness all over my body. I have been wearing a KAFO (leg brace) since, which helps me walk. I was also diagnosed with Scoliosis when I was very little. I can’t remember how old I was but was never treated for it. I saw a spine specialist, in Kuwait where I grew up, when I was about 20 years old. He told me that he didn’t recommend surgery because my back only hurt occasionally and I didn’t look like I had scoliosis. That was the extent that I went with seeing a doctor about my back.

I lived with Scoliosis as it got worse and so did the pain. It wasn’t until 2009 that I decided to see a doctor because the pain became unbearable. I couldn’t sit, stand, walk, or lie down without hurting. I asked my boyfriend to find out where his Boss had had back surgery. I knew his Boss took excellent care of himself and was confident that he would only go to the best Doctors. I was right!

I met Dr. Cronen who took his time explaining the condition of my back and how important it was for me to have surgery answering all my questions and addressing all my concerns. He also explained to me the risks that were involved with Spinal fusion surgery. After hearing of the risks I freaked out and said to Dr. Cronen, “I cannot have this surgery … I have a 2 year Old!” I was afraid of becoming a paraplegic and never being able to walk again. This would mean not being able to play with my son or being able to raise him like I wanted to. Dr. Cronen was very understanding. He said that I didn’t need to give him an answer right now and should think about it. I’m glad I did because it is a decision that I made that I will never regret!

I had my surgery on December 2nd, 2009. The surgery was close to 12 hours long. I was in the ICU for a few days. I remember feeling down in the dumps one morning and Dr. Cronen stopped by to visit. He asked me how I was doing and I started balling my eyes out. I don’t think I made very much sense but Dr. Cronen was very understanding and comforting. He told me that I would feel a lot better when I started rehab. Immediately after, I was in rehab at University Community Hospital and was doing great. Dr. Cronen and his assistant Josh would come by to see me. It was really nice to see them. This really helped lift my spirits while in the hospital.

I was eager to get home for Christmas and fortunately I made it out of the hospital just in time to spend Christmas with my family. When I got home I saw my back for the first time and thought WOW!!!! That can’t be my back! I had a waist line!!! Before my surgery I had no waist line and a hump on my back from the severe curves. I would find ways to hide the hump by growing my hair really long or carrying a big enough purse and wearing bigger clothing to hide the bulge on my waist. I remember I would look at my back in the mirror and would always say to myself, “if I could only cut off this big hump on my back I would look normal.” But I knew that was not possible. I saw an orthopedic doctor before I met Dr. Cronen who told me that I would have to go to a big city like New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles to find a Spine Surgeon who would perform the surgery I needed to correct the Scoliosis in my back. Little did I know about Dr. Cronen.

My life has never been the same since my surgery. I have zero pain and a feminine figure and am not disfigured!! People at work who have known me for a few years have told me that I look great and ask what I’ve done. I tell them about how my back surgery turned my life around. I now walk with a confidence I never had before. It feels great being pain free. Today I don’t have to grow my hair out to cover the hump on my back but long enough to show off my waist. I also like carrying small purses. I make sure to let as many people know about Dr. Cronen because just like me there could be more people out there who need help with Scoliosis and may not know that there is an awesome surgeon in town who can help them. I am ever so grateful to Dr. Cronen who has amazing talent. He knows his stuff and makes a remarkable difference in people’s lives. He is the kind of doctor we need more of because he doesn’t stop at Doctor. He is personable and genuinely cares about his patients. He goes above and beyond to make sure that his patients feel important and well taken care of. I appreciate all the time, care, and patience that he has had with me through this whole process. I could go on and on about him but I will end here by saying “Thank you Dr. Cronen! I am a believer thanks to you! Please let me know how I can help reach out to those who need your help.”

- Lizette

"He gave me back my life."

After many years of pain and numerous treatment (2 laser surgery) I finally got to meet with Dr Cronen WooHoo ! He is my life savior. He gave me back my life. I’m so greatful for everything he did for me. Dr Cronen is honest and direct. I really appreciate the fact that there were never a gray zone. He got to the point of the problem and fix it the best way he could. THANK YOU DR CRONEN I’m pain free, pills free and back to my life.

- Valerie T.

"All in all, you accomplished much more than I ever expected."

Dr. Geoffrey Cronen, When I came to your office in April 2011, the best I was hoping for was, “some” relief for my aching back. I never dreamed that I would have the results I have today. Let me start at the beginning. I have suffered lower back pain for almost 30 years. Recently, (early 2011), the pain become so intense that I thought I would have to quit my job. Yes, at age 70, I am still working. Not because I have to, but because I love my job with the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office. The pain in my right leg become so intense that I could hardly walk. I could not stand but for a few minutes before pain required me to sit down. Not that sitting really gave me relief. Nothing gave me relief.

With a referral, and a high recommendation from my primary doctor, Dr Eduardo Gonzalez, I came to see you. Quite frankly my expectations were not very high since I had seen many doctors about my back problems over many years. You and your staff were extremely nice to me and treated me with respect. You suggested surgery. Being under a lot of pain, I felt that maybe surgery would give me “some” relief. You realized much more than I, how serious the problems in my back were. I know it had to be a tough decision on your part to take on extensive surgery on a 70 year old man. We both agreed to the surgery and in May 2011 you performed the 9+ hours of surgery, fixing numerous problems with my back. I understand you found more problems than were apparent in the MRI’s, CAT scans, and /or Xrays. But fortunately, for me, you continued to make correction after correction and then finally completed the operation and sent me to recovery. After 5 days in the hospital, and 5 days in a rehab facility I got to come home. After being home for a while, my recovery seem to be coming along very good. After about 4 days in the hospital I ask for all pain medication to be stopped. I was tender, but really had no pain. I took no pain medication in the rehab facility and only a Tylenol occasionally after that. To make I long story short, I was back at work less than 3 months after the surgery. I am pain free, as far as my back and leg are concerned. I can stand still for more than a few minutes now. I can walk, pain free. All in all, you accomplished much more than I ever expected. You have made it so that I can continue to do the job I love so much, and to just enjoy life. How do you say “thanks” to someone that has given you back your life? Thanks to you and all your staff for what you have done for me. It seems to me like I can not find the proper words to express how much I appreciate what you and your staff have done, so I will end this with the only word that seems appropriate, “THANKS”. Jerry W. L. P.S. You ask me for a photo of me in my uniform, so enclosed is a photo of me in uniform as I prepare to go back to work.

"We are so grateful for the positive impact you have had on her life. Thank you."

I am one of the soccer coaches at Franklin County High School, and am reporting on the impact of the spinal surgery you performed on Deborah. She has only played soccer for two years, one year before the surgery and one year after. Her enjoyment of the game is incredible improvement in skill is a testimony to the success of the surgery. Though she was understandably cautious when practice started in October, she never missed a practice or match, become one of our more aggressive players, and as a Freshman became a “starter” by the end of the season. We are so grateful for the positive impact you have had on her life. Thank you.

- David C.

"Thank you a zillion times!!"

Dear, Dr. Cronen, I just wanted to say thank you for doing my surgery under 3 1/2 hrs. That was so freakin’ cool!! My parents are so thankful that you did an amazing job on my back! I was so blessed to have an awesome surgeon like you! Thank you a zillion times!! Love, The C. Family

- The C. Family

"When I put my feet on the floor two hours after surgery and there was no pain in my legs I knew I had made the right decision."

These were taken in March, only six months after my back surgery with the spacer. I was told that I was lucky to even be walking before the procedure. When I put my feet on the floor two hours after surgery and there was no pain in my legs I knew I had made the right decision. Now here I am almost a year later and still doing everything I was doing before without limitations.

- Richard N.

"We not only consider him my doctor, but also our friend."

Geoff, as he likes to be called, is without a doubt, the best surgeon that I’ve dealt with.  Both he and his knowledgeable staff, Tasha and Josh, were genuinely concerned with my health, both physically and mentally.  He listened to my every issue and explained every one in details which were easily understood. After my surgeries, he spoke with my wife, Belinda, and reassured and comforted her as he explained the outcome. My wife and I think that Geoff Cronen is the perfect doctor: he is professional and down to earth mixed with the passion for his profession that you want a doctor to have. We not only consider him my doctor, but also our friend.

- Jose C.

I was comforted by the entire surgical team’s experience and professionalism.

After much research searching for a surgeon who could help me with my severe case of spondylolithesis I found Dr. Cronen. Being a US citizen living abroad in Mexico the task was made more complicated. From the first contact, Dr. Cronen and his staff were informative and extremely helpful in dealing with the process of arranging for a complete diagnosis and surgery. Despite my anxiousness prior to surgery, the procedure itself went very smoothly. I was comforted by the entire surgical team’s experience and professionalism. The recovery time was much less than expected and I was back to most of my favorite physical activities again.

- John W.

"...not only do I have the best Doctor matched up to me, but I have gotten a friend for life."

My name is Dallas; I met Dr. Cronen in July of 2010, and my surgery took place August 9, 2010.  I was so worried he was going to be some stuffy Doctor that would come in to the room, talk only to my mom, and then leave; not caring about my thoughts or concerns as we have had in the past. We were already prepared to find someone else if that was the case. This could not have been farther from the truth. He spoke to me and my mom as if we had been buddies for a long time.  I left his office that day as if I had just hung out with a friend who was reassuring me that he was going to look out for me and make sure that I would be okay.

I was very scared, but he seemed to have understood me and just hung out in the room for longer than I know he was required to; let’s just say, not only do I have the best Doctor matched up to me, but I have gotten a friend for life. He and his staff have treated me, my mom, and anyone that comes with me with such kindness; we are welcomed each time I go in for my follow up visit as if I was just there yesterday.  I text Dr Cronen on his cell phone when I am concerned of something new that is going on with my back or due to the surgery and its recovery stages that are taking place or to tell him something I was able to do. He always makes it a point to get back to me either by texting or calling. I don’t remember much before or after the surgery, but I do remember him being there; talking to me, making sure I felt safe as I was prepped for surgery. He also made sure my mom stayed informed of where he was at during the surgery.  Dr. Cronen you are the best. Thank you for being who you are, devoting your time to kids like me and truly caring.  It does make a difference. Hey Tasha, this was more difficult to write than we thought. It is not a loss for words, it is that it is very emotional.  You guys have truly been there for us during a time that is a life changing event and you have been as big a part of Dr Cronen making us feel confident with this surgery.  You two are a good team and the assistant that he has, Josh? He could not be with anyone better.  Bed side manners do count.  Thank you very much.

- Becki &. Dallas

"For me this was a life-changing procedure and I owe it all to Dr. Cronen. "'

I suffered from severe sciatic pain in my right leg for seven months. During that time I had gone to two chiropractors, had three spinal injections, and two months of physical therapy with no improvement. I went to see Dr. Cronen on May 23rd, and on May 29th I had my surgery. I entered the hospital early on that morning, and walked out pain-free just after noon that same day! Two weeks later I was able to get back on my road bike, and just four weeks after that I was able to ride 40 miles again. On the last week of July my wife and I participated in the RAGBRAI bike across Iowa. For me this was a life-changing procedure and I owe it all to Dr. Cronen. Thank You Dr. Cronen for returning me to my normal life!

- Anonymous

"Meeting Dr. Cronen, he reviewed my history and gave me options that I’d never been exposed to before."

When I first met Dr. Cronen I was already in physical therapy again as I had been on and off since 1999 when I first diagnosed with herniated disc in my neck. The struggle of trying to stay out of pain had been become a loosing battle and it was beginning to seriously affect my ability to ride my motorcycle. To say the least, I was extremely skeptical because the last time I’d spoken to a surgeon in 2000 I was told I had a 50/50 chance of walking again which is why I was totally against surgery and just dealt with the pain. Dr. Cronen came highly recommended by my physical therapist as one of Tampa’s best orthopedic surgeons and now I couldn’t agree more. I set up the appointment no knowing that it would change my life for August 31, 2011. Meeting Dr. Cronen, he reviewed my history and gave me options that I’d never been exposed to before. He explained thoroughly exactly what he could do for me and gave me a little background on what he had done for others.

I took a few days to absorb all of this new information and called for a followup visit so I could schedule neck surgery as a birthday present to myself. Dr. Cronen is a man of his word… surgery would be just a couple of hours and I’d be in the hospital overnight. I left the hospital with instructions to keep my neck brace on for the following 7 weeks but to limit my activities for just the first couple of weeks. I followed his instructions to the “T”. When going in for my 7 week check-up… he said things were healing fine and that I could start going without the neck brace and resume activities “as normal”. Immediately, I was excited to get back to life because the neck brace was extremely uncomfortable. I asked specifically about riding my motorcycle and he was very encouraging!! So I was out of pain and able to turn my head without any loss of motion (I do believe this is from doing as Dr. Cronen instructed) and I have been riding again since January 2012. November 3rd it was a year since my surgery and I am still doing extremely well… without any loss of motion, without any pain (with the exception of tylenol) I have been drug free for the whole year… the first time since 1999 and I owe it all to Dr. Cronen!! He has given me back a life to enjoy and cherish. I highly recommend Dr. Cronen because he is not just an awesome surgeon, he actually cares about his patients and wants to help others have a good healthy life also. He has my utmost respect and admiration for who he is and what he does for others. Sincerely,

- Pam A.

"Thank you for your surgical expertise- your many hospital visits – your honesty – your comfort and care in the hospital."

Dear Dr. Bonehead, Oops! I mean.. Dear Dr. Cronen, I have been home 2 weeks today! I am feeling so very thankful to have the surgery behind me! Every day is a new and different part of this recovery journey. It look a while, but all of my “systems” appear to be working on their own! I really did not have any notion about the importance of my digestive/elimination processes. I will never take those functions for granted again! I look at myself in the mirror and cannot believe it’s me. My hips are level – my back hump is gone. My scar is almost completely healed. I am noticeably TALLER! I am so grateful to Dr. Bridwell’s office for giving me your name! I trusted you completely from the first day I met you. Thanks for letting me meet your beautiful daughter. Thank you for your surgical expertise- your many hospital visits – your honesty – your comfort and care in the hospital. Thanks also to Josh for the gentle care he provided! I am forever grateful. Happy Holidays. I have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. I am including you on my list from now on!
Gratefully and fondly.

- Sue T.

"Thank you, Dr. Cronen and your staff, for making our trip pleasant and fruitful!"

From the moment we arrived, Florida Medical Clinic impressed us! Plenty of available parking, a beautiful building and open seats in the waiting room of Dr. Cronen’s suite welcomed us. The desk staff promptly took my information, and soon asked if everyone in the waiting room had been called to the window – wow! Customer Service! After being taken back to our exam room, Kristen gave my daughter the requisite paper wardrobe. When she was changed, the friendly X-ray tech (sorry, I don’t remember the name!) ensured my teenage daughter was duly covered by the gown and he told her how to stay modest on the walk to and from x-ray.

The care he took with her showed us that her modesty mattered to him. Dr. Cronen came in soon after her return, asked lots of questions, and sat in a relaxed posture while we answered questions. He wasn’t rushing for the door or pressing for quick answers. He listened to what we had to say, and stayed with us for nearly 30 minutes to pass along his wisdom and thoughts of her diagnosis and treatment plan. Almost as an afterthought, he invited Kim, an on-site physical therapist, to come in and talk with Maddy as her story had common elements to Maddy’s, and she was able to give us further information to get us the appropriate follow-up care. We got all of our questions answered and felt as though we had a clear direction for Maddy’s care plan. The entire time we were at Florida Medical Clinic, we were treated with respect, friendliness, and compassion. Our experience was so completely different from past ortho experiences. We will surely be sending more people your way! Thank you, Dr. Cronen and your staff, for making our trip pleasant and fruitful!

- Annette L.

"Dr. Cronen is the best orthopedic back specialist I have ever met!"

Dr. Cronen is the best orthopedic back specialist I have ever met. When I came to him I had already had 4 surgeries on my spine. The first one was on the day I was born. I had been seeing an orthopedic and a neurologist as well as a pain management doctor. I was not receiving any relief. Dr. Cronen agreed to see me after 5 or 6 other doctors refused to do the surgery that needed to be done. I was out of work and going from walking without assistance to using a cane, and finally to a walker, the next step was a wheel chair for life. Dr Cronen removed the existing hardware and replaced it with new hardware. I am walking now with some pain. Thank you Dr. Cronen and all your staff. I still can’t work but at least he kept me out of a wheel chair. God bless you,

- Elizabeth M.

"Seven weeks from the day of my surgery I square danced again!"

My husband and I have been Western Square dancing for about 25 years, but the past 2 years I’ve had a problem with my legs and feet going numb and feeling like I’m going to collapse. I was diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis and tried various treatments, physical therapy, massage therapy, lost 20 plus pounds and had cortisone injections in my spine- nothing helped. On December 12th, 2013 Dr. Cronen and Josh did a laminectomy, spinal fusion and inserted 2 pins in my spine. Seven weeks from the day of my surgery I square danced again! Oh, it felt so good!! Thank you Dr. Cronen, Josh, all your staff and the staff of AdventHealth, Tampa.

- Carole H.


Dr. Cronen was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. He relocated to Tampa from St. Louis in 2007. Married with one young daughter, Dr. Cronen enjoys time with his family. His hobbies include outdoor activities such as cycling, snowboarding, and water sports. Dr. Cronen is actively involved in the Shriners Hospital and he provides surgery expertise for children with spine deformities.

  • Medical Education

    University of Louisville
    Louisville, KY

  • Additional Education

    West Virginia University
    Morgantown, WV
    College of Business and Economics

  • Internship/Residency

    West Virginia University
    Morgantown, WV
    Orthopaedic Surgery

  • Fellowships

    Washington University School of Medicine, Barnes-Jewish Hospital
    St. Louis, MO
    Adult & Pediatric Spine Surgery

  • Hospital Memberships

    AdventHealth Tampa
    AdventHealth Wesley Chapel
    Shriners Hospital
    Tampa General Hospital

  • Special Interests

    Adult and Pediatric Spine Care
    Cervical Spine
    Spine Deformities

  • Board Certifications

    American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery

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Jazzlyn Runs Again

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