Surgery for Scoliosis

Since the spine is essential to many aspects of movement and motor skills, the idea of surgery can be daunting. However, many people may face a time when considering reconstructive spine surgery is necessary. This may be due to a traumatic injury, degenerative diseases, genetics, or following failed back or spinal surgery.

Surgery for scoliosis is one of the many spinal issues that Florida Medical Clinic diagnoses and treats. We have successfully treated many patients and helped to improve their quality of life. We are dedicated to being with you from diagnosis to recovery.

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine. It can occur in people of any age. Sometimes it is a genetic disorder, while in other cases the cause cannot be determined. Likewise, the curvature can range from mild to severe. A specialist will need to be consulted in order to diagnose the problem and determine a treatment plan.

The Southeast’s Leader in Reconstructive Spine Surgery


Dr. Cronen

Dr. Geoffrey Cronen is our leading expert in all aspects of spinal surgery. He is Board Certified in Orthopaedic Surgery, and fellowship trained in Spinal Surgery. He is actively involved in providing spinal treatment for children at the Shriners Hospital for Children, and serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor for the Orthopaedic and Spine Surgery Department at the University of South Florida. Dr. Cronen also regularly treats the Tampa Bay Lightning hockey team for any injuries sustained during practices or games.

With his many years of experience, Dr. Cronen is the best resource to help you determine when surgery for scoliosis is necessary. Every individual case is going to be different, and no single treatment plan can cover every case. Each patient is evaluated, diagnosed, and treated as an individual.

In this interview with Health Matters, Dr. Cronen discusses scoliosis and reconstructive spine surgery.



Dr. Cronen has diagnosed and treated many children, adolescents, and adults. Here’s a small sampling of what they have to say about their experience with Dr. Cronen and Florida Medical Clinic.

“He explained all of the treatment options and the long term ramifications of each one then left the final decision up to me.”Heather D.

“My wife and I think that Geoff Cronen is the perfect doctor: he is professional and down to earth mixed with the passion for his profession that you want a doctor to have.  We not only consider him my doctor, but also our friend.”Jose C.

“Yes this will be my third surgery on my spine, except there was one big difference, it was Dr Cronen himself & his staff. Never have I felt so comfortable with a team like this on my side. My surgery went flawless & was back home/work in almost no time at all.”Barney L.

“I look at myself in the mirror and cannot believe it’s me. My hips are level – my back hump is gone. My scar is almost completely healed. I am noticeably TALLER! … Thank you for your surgical expertise- your many hospital visits – your honesty – your comfort and care in the hospital.”Sue T.

“I have been drug free for the whole year… the first time since 1999 and I owe it all to Dr. Cronen!! He has given me back a life to enjoy and cherish. I highly recommend Dr. Cronen because he is not just an awesome surgeon, he actually cares about his patients and wants to help others have a good healthy life also.”Pam A.

“I’m very thankful to have had Dr. Cronen by my side throughout the whole experience. He is very kind and helped me to feel a lot less worried about my surgery.”Alyssa H.

Surgery for Scoliosis

Florida Medical Clinic offers both Surgical and Non-Surgical treatments for Scoliosis.

Surgical Options Include: Anterior Scoliosis Surgery, Anterior and Posterior Scoliosis Surgery, Posterior Scoliosis Surgery, and Minimally Invasive Scoliosis Surgery.

Non-Surgical Options include: Physical therapy, Medications, Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care, and Epidural Spinal Injections.

Surgery is a decision which should not be made lightly, and needs thorough consideration. At the end of the day, you are the only one who can decide if you are comfortable with having surgery. Dr. Cronen and our staff are here to provide the information, support, and guidance you need to make this important decision.


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