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Melanoma Surgery for Skin Cancer Treatment

Melanoma Surgery

Melanoma surgery is often recommended as part of a patient’s comprehensive skin cancer treatment plan. Oncologists typically recommend melanoma surgery to remove the cancerous cells from the skin, as well as one or more follow-up treatments (e.g., radiation therapy) to destroy any residual cells.

At Florida Medical Clinic, we offer patients several options when it comes to melanoma surgery, including:

  • Simple excisions for small, localized melanomas
  • Wide excisions for melanomas that were found to have additional cancer cells in the margin of the initial simple excision, indicating the need for a follow-up procedure, or for larger melanomas that require the removal of a more substantial amount of tissue
  • Lymph node dissections to check the nearby lymph nodes for the presence of a potential metastasis
  • Mohs microsurgeries for very small, early-stage melanomas that have develop on cosmetically sensitive areas such as the eyelids or the nose

Patients who turn to Florida Medical Clinic for melanoma surgery can not only work with a highly experienced skin cancer surgeon, but also a team of oncologists, dermatologists, and supportive care providers who take a collaborative approach to skin cancer treatment. We also have plastic and cosmetic surgeons who can improve aesthetic outcomes when large portions of skin are removed during skin cancer treatment.

When a new treatment is started or completed, a patient’s electronic medical records – the heart and soul of Florida Medical Clinic’s comprehensively integrated network – is updated, allowing all of our providers to stay fully involved with the patient’s progress. There’s no need to transfer records from one physician to the next.

If you’ve been diagnosed with skin cancer or suspect that you might have melanoma and would like to discuss surgery with one of our experienced medical professionals, contact Florida Medical Clinic to schedule an appointment.

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