Knee Replacement Surgery Performed by Florida Medical Clinic’s Orthopedic Surgeons

Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery may be recommended if a person’s ability to walk, work, or participate in normal daily activities is hindered by joint or cartilage damage in the knee. This complex procedure is not right for every individual, and conservative treatments such as medication and physical therapy are typically recommended before surgery becomes a consideration. However, even taking into account the overall implications of a knee replacement, the surgery can provide a number of meaningful benefits and significantly improve a person’s quality of life.

At Florida Medical Clinic, knee replacement surgery is performed by a team of highly experienced orthopedic surgeons, all of whom are actively involved in the advancement of today’s latest surgical techniques. We have numerous fellowship-trained and board-certified surgeons on our team, and each of our practitioners blends their clinical expertise with a caring and compassionate bedside manner.

We perform both total and partial knee replacements, using traditional and minimally invasive techniques to provide the best outcomes for each patient. When helping a patient decide if he or she is a good candidate for a joint replacement, our surgeons take into account the patient’s:

  • Medical history
  • Previous approaches to treatment
  • Desired lifestyle
  • Personal preferences

After knee replacement surgery, our team provides comprehensive support throughout the recovery process, offering guidelines and rehabilitation services to help patients return to their everyday lives. Physical or occupational therapy may be recommended, and patients can access these services within the Florida Medical Clinic network, eliminating the need to turn elsewhere for post-operative care.

If you’re considering a knee replacement and would like to ask an orthopedic surgeon about your options, contact Florida Medical Clinic today to request an appointment.

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