Compassionate care for infants, adolescents and children.

Our Pediatrics Department is committed to keeping the youngest members of your family healthy. We welcome infants, children and adolescents of all ages.

We offer convenient appointments for both well and sick visits, as well as free prenatal consults for expecting parents. We understand that pediatric patients are prone to unexpected injuries and illnesses; that’s why we’re there for you when these pressing needs arise.

With a team of caring and compassionate pediatric specialists on staff, we’re able to treat many common childhood conditions, including:

  • Allergies & asthma
  • Cold, flu and fever
  • Ear infections
  • Hand, foot, and mouth disease
  • Sports injuries
  • Strep throat

We’re happy to be the team you turn to for urgent pediatric care, and we also provide support and education to help children establish healthy habits early in life. Our approach to pediatrics emphasizes preventive care, as we believe it’s much easier to keep a healthy child healthy than to add unexpected doctor’s visits into your already hectic schedule. That’s why well-child visits, developmental screenings, behavioral health counseling, and occasional blood pressure/cholesterol tests are key services offered by our pediatrics team.

And in the event that your child requires specialty care from one of Florida Medical Clinic’s complementary departments, such as audiology or ophthalmology, our pediatricians will be able to instantaneously review updates through our electronic records system. We know that parents already have enough to worry about; remembering to manage paperwork is one less thing.

To find out more about our pediatrics program, or to register your child for pediatric primary care, contact Florida Medical Clinic today.

Proudly Serving: Wesley Chapel.

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