Patient Services

Clinical Research

Improving our patient care one patient at a time.

At Florida Medical Clinic, our advanced services departments support the operation of the entire clinic. The goal of these different departments is to provide our patients with convenient on-site services to avoid delays in getting results when necessary. Patinet Services include hearing and dizziness testing, digital mammography, vascular studies, a special procedures center, pulmonary function testing, physical therapy, pharmacy, optical centers, nuclear medicine, MRI, infusion center, a diagnostic laboratory, clinical research, CT Scan, a weight loss center, bone densitometry and ambulatory surgery centers. A description of each department, including more details on the services offered, is provided in each section, as well as the department phone number. If you have questions, please call the Patient HelpLine at 813.780.8440.

Florida Medical Clinic values the relationship we have with you. We are constantly evaluating how to improve our patient care.