Choosing An Insurance Plan

health insurance guidance pasco county

Florida Medical Clinic is excited to offer a trusted resource through our partnership with Health Plan Markets (HPM).

Our healthcare system is complex and often difficult to navigate. It is no surprise that many people are confused about Medicare and medical insurance, and most of us are simply unaware of what our coverage options are. We are here to help.

HPM works with you to provide the information you need to make an informed decision about your health insurance needs, including Medicare coverage. There is no cost or obligation for this service. HPM Benefit Advisors can answer questions and guide you through the decision process to help choose the best plan for you.

With an HPM Benefit Advisor, you can:

Schedule your appointment today.

HPM Benefits Advisors are available via phone at 800.377.3428 or email at
Call today to schedule an in-home meeting or office appointment at their East Pasco Office located at 6620 Gall Blvd Zephyrhills FL 33542.
Walk-in appointments available.

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