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Aneurysm Surgery at Florida Medical Clinic

Aneurysm Surgery

When treating an aneurysm, surgery may be required if the enlargement is growing exceptionally quickly (more than one centimeter per year), at risk of rupturing, or causing pain or other complications. While surgery may not be necessary in every situation, it can provide peace of mind and also prevent potentially life-threatening complications for individuals with high-risk aneurysms.

At Florida Medical Clinic, patients can consult with highly experienced surgeons regarding the best options for aneurysm surgery. We offer traditional and minimally invasive procedures such as:

  • Surgical clipping, in which a small metal clamp is placed at the base of an aneurysm to cut off further blood flow
  • Endovascular coiling, in which a wire is inserted into an aneurysm where it disrupts blood flow and causes a blood clot to form, sealing off the aneurysm from the artery

When watchful waiting is the more appropriate approach, we offer several alternatives to aneurysm surgery. For instance, we offer procedures to help drain fluid from the brain, in turn alleviating the painful swelling and pressure caused by the presence of the aneurysm, should a patient choose not to have the aneurysm surgically treated. An angioplasty can also be performed to help prevent a stroke from occurring.

We recognize that each patient’s personal preferences are often just as significant as his or her medical diagnosis, which is why we proudly provide individualized treatment recommendations to each of our patients. At Florida Medical Clinic, patients are encouraged to work with their providers to determine if aneurysm surgery is right for their unique needs, and if so, which approach offers the most potential advantages.

To consult with one of our experienced surgeons regarding traditional or minimally invasive aneurysm surgery, contact Florida Medical Clinic today.

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