Pap Smear

Planning for your annual visit.

At Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health, we are committed to providing you with compassionate annual care. A pap smear is a routine test that is primarily used for cervical health screening. Most women over the age of 21 are advised to schedule a pap test once every three years until they turn 65; while women over the age of 30 may have the option of combining their pap tests with HPV screenings.

For most women, a routine pap test is a simple way to detect precancerous cervical changes before they develop into more serious concerns. Cervical cancer usually starts as a small cluster of abnormal cells, and a pap test can detect these cells before they become malignant and spread to other parts of the body.

At Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health, our Obstetrics, Gynecology & Midwifery Department offers routine pap testing for women of all ages as part of our preventive care services. Our experienced medical professionals can help you develop a pap test schedule that reflects your unique needs, although we recommend the following criteria:

  • Women should begin scheduling pap tests at age 21; one every three years is adequate.
  • Women can consider combination PAP/HPV testing (also known as co-testing) beginning at 30.
  • Women who have had a hysterectomy (surgery to remove the cervix) or who are over the age of 65 generally do not require pap tests.
  • Women who have previously been diagnosed with cervical cancer or related gynecological conditions may require pap tests on a more frequent basis.

We strive to make it as comfortable and convenient as possible for our patients to access the quality women’s healthcare they deserve. We have a team of both male and female providers across several different locations, and appointments can often be scheduled on short notice. Should a patient’s pap test produce abnormal results, our obstetricians and gynecologists will work hand-in-hand with our pathologists, oncologists, radiologists, and other medical specialists to complete any necessary follow-up treatment.

To schedule a pap test at Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health, contact us today.

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