Care focused on male and female urinary tract health.

No matter the type of urologic needs you have, our urologists are here to help. Our Department of Urology provides consultations, diagnosis, and treatment for all malignant and benign urologic diseases in men and women.

You may be referred to a urologist if your primary care physician suspects you may require specialized treatment for a condition related to the bladder, kidneys, urethra, ureters, or adrenal glands. Our team of urologists are experienced in providing treatment for any of your general urological needs. We are also equipped to handle complex urological cases involving surgery or specialized procedures.

Specialized urology services are available in the following areas:

  • Bladder Control Therapy
  • Bladder Cancer Treatment
  • Bladder Reconstruction
  • Erectile Dysfunction and Female Sexual Dysfunction
  • Incontinence Treatment for Men and Women
  • InterStim Procedure
  • Laparoscopy
  • Overactive Bladder Treatment
  • Prostate Cancer Treatment
  • Prostate Laser Surgery
  • Renal Carcinoma
  • Urinary Stone Management
  • Urology Oncology

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Incontinence Treatment

Our team of urologists are experts in helping you find relief. We have a variety of incontinence treatment options to choose from, ranging from medications and behavioral therapy to lifestyle modifications.

Learn More About Incontinence Treatment

Overactive Bladder Treatment

We provide compassionate treatment for a wide range of urinary issues and work one-on-one with you to determine the most fitting treatment option to help you regain control over your life.

Learn More About Overactive Bladder Treatment



The Value of Genetic Testing for Prostate Cancer

Gina B. Kirkpatrick, DO, MPH, MBA

In 2024, there will be about 299,000 new cases of prostate cancer in the United States and about 35,250 men will die from it, according to the American Cancer Society. Some prostate cancers tend to be very slow-growing, without significant threat to a man’s health or life. In fact, the ACS estimates that more than […]


Second only to nonmelanoma skin cancer, prostate cancer is one of the most common malignancies among American men. It occurs when cancer develops in the prostate—the small gland located just below the bladder that helps produce semen. The American Cancer Society estimates around one in every eight men will develop prostate cancer in their lifetime, […]


Vasectomy is a common and highly effective form of male birth control. How common? In the United States, approximately one out of every six men aged 35 and older has had this relatively minor surgical procedure. Here’s a general idea of how and why vasectomy works so well: After forming in the testicles, sperm is […]


Common Male Urology Problems

Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health

There are many conditions that affect the urinary tract system and reproductive organs. Make an appointment with the FMC Urology Department to learn more.


Finding the Best Tampa Urologist

Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health

If you have difficulty urinating or experience erectile dysfunction, you should see a urologist. Here's how to find the best Tampa urologist for your needs.
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