Leaders in imaging technology.

The Department of Radiology provides comprehensive general radiology services, as well as imaging techniques such as ultrasonography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and mammography. Investing in this advanced radiology technology helps us better serve and treat our patients. Currently, all MRI scanners are High Field, 1.5T and our CT scanners are 16 slice and 64 slice with heart-imaging capabilities.

Some benefits to using our Radiology services:

  • All of our technologists are licensed in the state of Florida and hold ARRT Certifications and Advanced Certifications
  • All of our radiologists are certified by the American Board of Radiology
  • We are proud to be accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). The ACR only awards accreditation after intense evaluation of the practice, which includes reviewing the qualifications of the personnel, assessing imaging quality, and confirming the operational excellence of the equipment and the facility as a whole.

There are seven Department of Radiology locations for your convenience, and each location includes a variety of offerings to help ensure exceptional imaging results.

Zephyrhills Offers:
MRI, MRA, 16 Row CT, CTA, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, Vascular Ultrasound, Mammography, Core Needle Breast Biopsies, and X-ray

Tampa Offers:
MRI, MRA, 64 Row CT, CTA, Ultrasound, Vascular Ultrasound and X-ray

Carrollwood Offers:
16 Row CT, CTA, Ultrasound, Vascular Ultrasound and X-ray

Dade City Offers:
PET/CT, Ultrasound, Vascular Ultrasound and X-ray

Land O’ Lakes Offers:
Nuclear Medicine and X-ray

Brandon Offers:
MRI, MRA, 16 Row CT, CTA, Ultrasound, Vascular Ultrasound and X-ray

Wesley Chapel/Wiregrass Offers:
X-ray, Mammo, Ultrasound, General & Vascular, CT and MRI


Proudly Serving: Brandon, Carrollwood, Dade City, Land O’ Lakes, North Tampa, Wiregrass, and Zephyrhills.

Dade City - 13417 US Highway 301 Dade City, Florida 33525

Dade City

13417 US-301
Dade City, Florida 33525

Dade City

13417 US-301
Dade City, Florida 33525

P: 352.567.7903
F: 813.355.5076
Land O’ Lakes - 2100 Via Bella Blvd Land O’ Lakes, Florida 34639
North Tampa - 14320 Bruce B Downs Blvd Tampa, Florida 33613

North Tampa

14320 Bruce B Downs Blvd
Tampa, Florida 33613

North Tampa

14320 Bruce B Downs Blvd
Tampa, Florida 33613

P: 813.977.1411
F: 813.355.5092
Also at this location:
CT & PET Scan

Our radiologists use CT and PET scans to pinpoint disease states in the body. We use two state of the art, helical, CT scanners, a 16 row and a 64-row scanner that provides a more detailed image for our radiologists to interpret.

Learn More About CT & PET Scan

General X-ray

Our radiologists conduct general X-ray tests to examine various parts of the body. This is one of the most commonly used techniques used for studying the structures within the body.


Mammograms are widely recognized as the best method for prevention and early breast cancer detection. We are committed to providing our patients with access to the latest preventive care technologies, as well as screening programs that are tailored to their unique needs.

Learn More About Mammogram


An MRI uses radio frequency waves and a strong magnetic field to provide remarkably clear and detailed pictures of internal organs and tissues.

Learn More About MRI

Non-Invasive Vascular (NIV) Testing

NIV testing utilizes ultrasound to examine the arteries and veins. This non-invasive study eliminates the need for needles or imaging contrast dye.


These fast, simple, and painless imaging studies use sound waves to produce detailed images (sonograms) of the inside of the body. Ultrasound imaging can also be used to diagnose heart conditions, blood clots, gallstones, endometriosis, and thyroid conditions.

Learn More About Ultrasounds

Ultrasound Guided Breast Biopsies

This test utilizes sound waves to locate a lump or abnormality in the breast. A tissue sample is typically removed to allow for examination under a microscope. This type of minor procedure leaves minimal scarring.



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