Laura Colussi Franco, PhD

Laura Colussi Franco PhD, is a psychotherapist and a clinical sexologist with over 12 years of experience in different clinical settings, both in the US and Europe.

Dr. Franco holds a Doctorate Degree in Clinical Sexology, a unique field that allowed her to specialize in the treatment of sexual trauma, female sexual dysfunctions, and gender identity disorder.

Dr Franco has extensive experience with PTSD and trauma work and she is trained in the Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing approach (EMDR). She actively collaborates with the Franciscan Center of South Tampa in facilitating their First Responders Post Trauma Training, a unique program tailored to help police personnel, EMTs and firefighter’s in processing and resolving traumas associated with their line of work.

Dr. Franco treats individual, couples, and families. She treats people age 18 and older. Additional areas of expertise include mood disorders, schizophrenic disorders; work with the LGBT population and group dynamics. She is also an approved supervisor for clinical social workers in the state of Florida and is available to work with interns towards their licensure.

Furthermore she holds an advanced certification in Hospice and Palliative Care and has worked extensively in the field of grief therapy creating, among other things, one of the first suicide loss support groups in Hillsborough County.

A Message from Laura

“One of my favorite quotes, written in the ancient Apollo’s temple in Delphy, Greece, is “gnosi seauton” (know yourself). I believe people need to know themselves, where they are coming from, what shaped them before they can positively change. Knowledge about oneself is key. I believe that people can change, improve themselves, their relationships, and learn how to overcome the traumas that wounded them and affect them today. I do not believe in “being strong” but rather in actively working on yourself to shape the person that you want to be.”