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Welcome to FMC MindBody

Let’s Create Your Best Life!

FMCMindBody has partnered with Create your Best Life to anchor the vision of having every person we work with create their Best Life. Towards this goal, our mission is to provide education, counseling, guidance, diagnoses, treatments, support, training and resources for all of our patients to give them a fulfilling experience of their life. We provide options for life transforming choices at the level of mind, body and spirit to each and every one of our clients so that they can create what they consider their best life.

We don’t just provide behavioral health care. We rebuild and transform lives of the people we serve. We will guide you to the Best of your health, happiness, prosperity and peace. We are excited that you have chosen to experience our passion for what we do best.

Dr. Maulik K. Trivedi, M.D., is a psychiatrist in Brandon, Wesley Chapel, and Carrollwood. He and his team uses a combination of techniques designed to treat patients on a physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual level. Whether you require anxiety or depression treatment in Wesley Chapel or you are interested in a path to long-term health and wellness, Dr. Trivedi and his team may employ one, all, or any assortment of the following modalities to help you overcome what troubles you and help you awaken with a renewed sense of joy, elation, and purpose.

Treatment techniques include:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Spiritual Awareness Cultivation
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Fitness and Nutritional Counseling

We look forward to meeting you so we can CREATE YOUR BEST LIFE together!

Maulik Trivedi

Maulik K. Trivedi, MD
Psychiatry & Behavioral Health

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   A Note To My PatientsMy passion is to guide and empower each of my patients to their highest life-potential. As a psychiatrist in Wesley Chapel, I customize each person’s treatment plan in a MindBody framework in alignment with his or her individual goals. I do not prescribe addictive medications. I support my patients’ return to functioning productively. I value wellness and prevention as the best modalities of health maintenance.

My ideal patients are motivated, self-reliant individuals seeking long-lasting changes in their lives. My patients are seriously committed to making positive life-changes. I look forward to the opportunity to guide you to your optimal life.

To provide direction, guidance and support towards the creation of a holistic community of individuals who maintain and nurture self-awareness at the level of body, mind and spirit, and apply such to daily life through self-directed life choices to bring peace and joy to themselves and the world.

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