Maulik K. Trivedi, M.D.
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Patient Resources: Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine is Healing — Integrative medicine takes account of the whole person; body, mind, spirit and lifestyle. [More]

MindBody Techniques & Healing from Surgeries — Prepare for surgery with mind-body techniques that may help you recovery faster. [More]

Recognizing Happiness — We’re used to analyzing why we’re unhappy, but contemplating your happiness is important too. [More]

Dr. Amen’s 9 Rules for the Brain — Find 9 Rules for the Brain, including #1: “Your brain is involved with everything you do”. [More]

100 Reasons to Meditate — There are so many advantages to meditation. Find a definitive list of benefits that meditation can provide. [More]

Yoga – The Secret to Purposeful and Meaningful Life — Patanjali’s 8-fold path offers guidelines for a meaningful, purposeful life. [More]

How Yoga Calms MindBody — Yoga is famous for its ability to heal and bring peace of mind. But how does yoga accomplish this? [More]

Emotional Wellness in Children from Military Families — Learn how to talk to your children about an upcoming deployment. [More]

Yoga Helps Kids Find Balance — Find out how yoga can help children find balance in their lives. [More]