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"The kind of doctor everyone wants"

What a true GEM we have found hidden in Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health, with Dr. Trivedi. Just upon entering his office you can feel the serene calm peacefulness that everyone craves for – and that feeling grows further as you encounter his kind and patient staff, and then is complete almost immediately when you meet him. He is patient and really listens to what you have to say. His interest is in helping you, step by step, being there and really listening to what you have to say. On one visit we had to wait a little longer than normal to see him, only to find out that he was running late due a patient having a crisis – that is not only the kind of doctor everyone wants – but the wonderful type of people everyone wants to be surrounded by.

"Very informative and helpful and really listens to your concerns"

I just moved to Florida in January from Dallas... I wanted to find a doctor that wanted to help me, rather than just medicate me. I was very concerned I would not find the same doctor when I moved back to Florida however, Dr Trivedi has been amazing. He is very informative and helpful and really listens to your concerns. He goes over and beyond to really find the core issue of why you are experiencing the problems you are having. I have already recommended him to my family and friends. I highly recommend Dr. Trivedi.

"I highly recommend Dr. Trivedi and his staff because they care."

I am a 59 year old male diagnosed as Bipolar and having OCD in June of 2010. Since diagnosis, I have gone to 57 appointments with my previous psychiatrist and attended 167 group and individual cognitive therapy sessions.

 On February 25th I had my first appointment with Dr. Trivedi. I had completed the new patient packet, signed in at the front desk and took a seat in the reception area. Dr. Trivedi personally welcomed and directed me to his office. After verifying personal information, he provided a brief explanation of his services and we discussed the reason for my visit. Dr. Trivedi began taking notes and drawing a simple graph of my symptoms as I described them. Twenty-five minutes later, he turned the paper so I could see and we discussed how he would treat each symptom. It all made sense. He explained how each medication works and affects the others. He gave me the graph with his notes and asked that I give them to my therapist for discussion in future therapy sessions. When I got up to leave, we shook hands and he said, “You will see a difference in how you feel by your next appointment in two weeks”, and I did. 

Thank you Dr. Trivedi for your insight that made it possible for you to understand my symptoms and provide the hope that I will be able to manage and re-wire my brain, short circuited my entire life. I highly recommend Dr. Trivedi and his staff because they care.

"I began to see things clearly and feel so much better and HAPPIER!!"

Dr. Trivedi saved my life! I had experienced depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember. In my 20′s, I was put on Paxil by my primary care physician. Ten years later, I experienced a downward spiral filled with negative thoughts, was acting on negative emotions, and not taking care of my mental and emotional heath. I used to look at people and wonder why they were so happy and wonder what was wrong with me. I didn’t realize that I was sick and that the way I was thinking was not my fault. After seeing Dr. Trivedi, I learned that years of negative thinking and not dealing with and taking responsibility for my thoughts and actions resulted in my mental breakdown. Several appointments later, with the help of cognitive behavioral therapy, correct medication, and psychiatric care, I began to see things clearly and feel so much better and HAPPIER!! I never realized I could feel like this and wish that I would have gone to him sooner!!

"I feel like my SELF again."

As with all women, at a certain age we find ourselves in the “change of life”. Sometimes it comes on suddenly, sometimes it is more subtle. Mine snuck in the back door, silently, slowly and making changes so small that I didn’t even realize they were happening. What I DID realize is that my normal happy upbeat personality was being replaced with fear and anxiety! Don’t get me wrong, I am not a laid back person. I am animated and creative. I wake up easily and require little sleep. But this was different. It was fear – terror actually and nothing was really wrong….I had no patience, I was losing my temper over the smallest things, and clearly unable to cope with the larger things. That was a huge problem as a single parent to two teenagers. My family doctor suggested medication, an idea that I detested. After another month of misery I relented and went to see Dr. Trivedi. My experience with him has been wonderful. We decided on a very low dose of an anti-anxiety medicine, but he took it much farther than that, suggesting meditation techniques and resources. I have always loved the holistic approach to health and was very comforted in knowing that he was not only supportive, but encouraging and open to many different techniques. I feel like my SELF again. My co-workers are happy to have my playful spirit back and my children are happy to have their silly and loving mother back. Ladies, please don’t wait!! Don’t suffer thru the change because you think there are no options. Please see Dr. Trivedi and get yourself on the path to wellness.

“I thank Dr. Trivedi from the bottom of my heart for his expertise.”

I can not believe how if feel now. I’ve been depressed for about 20 years. Now in my late 40’s I started feeling a lot of anxiety and did know what was going on with me. My therapist referred me to Dr. Trivedi and I was so skeptical about seeing him because I knew he was going to give me medication that was going to make me have all kinds of side affects and that it was going to be on medication after medication to find what is right for me and then to get addicted. I thought it was going to be a nightmare. He spoke to me very sincerely about the medicine that he will prescribe and that it was not addictive and was going to make me feel like I should be feeling (not depressed and anxious) It wasn’t long at all before I started feeling better. I feel so much better than before. I can think clearly and do things that I never done before. I thank Dr. Trivedi from the bottom of my heart for his expertise.
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