Barry Parker Melton, LCSW

wendy-holland-web Parker is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Florida. He has experience in individual, family, and group therapy. Parker has worked with a broad spectrum of clients from varied backgrounds, age groups, and in a variety of settings. He has experience and expertise in working with: grief issues, depression and anxiety, trauma recovery, and those facing chronic illness and caregivers of the chronically ill. He is also certified in providing mental health counseling to transgender individuals. Parker’s focus is on the cultivation of self-awareness and understanding of one’s relationship to their suffering, as a pathway to healing. He will assist you in moving beyond the diagnosis to cultivate a deeper understanding of your discomfort and harmful life patterns. Self-empowerment and enhancing one’s feeling of worth are central themes in Parker’s therapeutic approach.

A Message from Barry Parker Melton

Therapy, at its best, is a guided journey within yourself. As you do this courageous work, it will be my privilege to serve you as a guide and companion in your endeavor. I will provide you with concrete and pragmatic tools to assist in your success. You will emerge from this effort changed and better able to cope with life’s persistent challenges. By shining awareness upon your pain and its origins, your healing can begin. We will process your feelings, thoughts, and experiences in a safe and confidential setting. In this way, you will gain increased self awareness and clarity. Most importantly, you will learn skills to heal and care for yourself, in the most crucial ways.