25 Years of Caring: 25 Facts About Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health, Tampa Bay’s First Choice for Healthcare


Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health

Twenty-five years ago, a group of doctors joined together with one central mission: to help the residents of Florida lead healthier lives.  Since then, our thriving practice has grown exponentially.

Every day, our expanding team of medical professionals help care for families in all aspects of health. Whether you need orthopaedic surgery, a consultation with a cardiologist, or a routine check-up, we’re proud to help visitors and residents of the Sunshine State stay healthy.

Florida medical clinic office in Zephyrhills, 1993

In honor of Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health’s 25th anniversary, we’re sharing 25 things you might not know about us:

a comprehensive approach to tampa bay's health

Fact #1. We opened our first clinic in 1993 in Zephyrhills, FL. Today, we’ve expanded to over 50 locations in Hillsborough and Pasco County.

Fact #2. Before Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health, no other clinic in the area housed primary care physicians and specialty practitioners under one roof.

Fact #3. Our doctors are invested in your health — literally! We are proud to say our company is physician-owned.

Fact #4. Our tag-line is: “Your Life. Our Specialty.” Let us know what this means to you.

Fact #5. No smoking, please! As of 2018, all of our campuses are smoke-free.

Fact #6. We know how hard giving up smoking can be. We offer smoking cessation courses to anyone who is ready to quit.

Fact #7. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We offer our employees fitness classes as part of our internal wellness program! (Psst! Want to join our team?)

audiology florida medical clinic

Fact #8. We believe in a patient-centered care model. To further enhance the patient experience, we have joined the Tampa Bay Health Alliance!

Fact #9. Diversification is key! We have over 350 doctors, specializing in over 40 practice areas!

Fact #10. Lightning, Rowdies, and Bucs, oh my! Players on Tampa’s major league sports teams count on our orthopaedic doctors for their care.

Fact #11. We value our employees! We recognize one employee every quarter as our “Customer Service Champion.”

Fact #12. We believe in our communities! The FMC Foundation of Caring has donated over $2 million and thousands of volunteer hours to help families, children and more!

Fact #13. Medical needs are often inconvenient, but healthcare providers shouldn’t be! Our Zephyrhills and Wesley Chapel Urgent Care locations are available for patients in need of after-hours care.

Fact #14. With FMC, you don’t have to worry about gathering your medical records before each visit. Your electronic health record (EHR) follows you to every FMC location or doctor!

Fact #15. We love hearing from you! We hold a “Review and Win” contest on Facebook.

Fact #16. Each year, Tampa Magazine names a variety of our doctors as Top Doctors. We think they’re pretty nifty, too!

Fact #17. FMC is only a click away! We are on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Fact #18. Would you like more in-depth coverage of recent news, healthcare issues, and more? Check out our blog!

Fact #19. Oops! You need to schedule an appointment, but you only remembered to do so after the office had closed! As long as it is not urgent, you can request an appointment through our website!

Fact #20. If you’d like to get to know us even better, check out our YouTube channel! Our videos include doctor profiles, specialty information and more!

Fact #21. FMC Foundation of Caring was established in 2005 to benefit and support our communities. Since its creation, the Foundation has helped over 90 non-profit organizations in Pasco and Hillsborough counties!

Fact #22. ¿Hablas español? ¡Nosotros hablamos español también! Haz clic aquí para obtener nuestra lista de especialidades médicas! ¡Muchas de nuestras ubicaciones tienen empleados que hablan español!

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Fact #23. From wound care to physical therapy, diagnostics and nutrition — FMC has you covered! We provide 21 services for our patients!

Fact #24. We know how busy our patients are, so we strive to make healthcare convenient. For example, the FMC pharmacy will deliver prescriptions anywhere in Florida free of charge!

Fact #25. Our core belief is simple: Our patients are our first priority. Your life is our specialty!

Celebrating Our Patients

If we have learned anything over the past 25 years, it’s that our patients always come first. We’ve grown a lot since we began in 1993, but our commitment to our patients has never changed. We hope to continue earning the trust of you and your loved ones by providing first-rate healthcare for many years to come!


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