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Smoking Cessation Program

As everyone is well aware, smoking has multiple health hazards. At the same time, nicotine is a highly addictive drug and quitting smoking can be difficult. In order to help patients quit smoking, Dr. Cozzolino offers a smoking cessation program. The program involves behavioral counseling, but it is most likely focused on medicinal approach to breaking the physical addiction to nicotime.

The program is centered around two injections on day one of the smoking cessation program, and a prescription for pills and patches that will help break the physical addiction over a two-week period of time. The injections and patches work by blocking the receptors in the brain that nicotine normally occupies. Therefore, most patients do not have the urge to smoke or the tolerance for smoking during the treatment program. In our experience, patients who are truly mentally prepared to quit smoking have found success with our program.

The injections are sedating and are usually given in the arms. The sedation can last from 12-24 hours. We recommend that the patient receive the injections on a Friday afternoon or an afternoon when they will not be forced to work for 24 hours. After receiving the injections, patients will need someone to drive them home.

Patients who suffer from acute or open angle glaucoma, benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), or arrhythmias are not candidates for this program.

Smoking Cessation Program