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The InterStim Procedure is a Short, Simple Operation Used to Treat Bladder and Bowel Control Disorders

InterStim Procedure

For individuals with bowel and bladder control disorders, InterStim may provide significant relief. The implantation procedure is a simple, outpatient surgery that takes about an hour; at Florida Medical Clinic, it is performed by our experienced proctology surgeons in our ambulatory surgery centers.

Florida Medical Clinic offers InterStim to patients with urinary urgency, bladder or bowel incontinence, and other related conditions. A pre-operative procedure can allow physicians to determine whether it is likely to produce the desired results; InterStim is the only bladder and bowel control device that allows you to try before you treat.

During the InterStim procedure, a surgeon makes two small incisions: one in the lower back, where an electrode is inserted next to the sacral nerves, and one just above the waistline, where the neurostimulator is implanted beneath the skin. The neurostimulator sends electrical pulses to the electrode, where it controls the nerve that is responsible for bladder and bowel control.

Following the InterStim procedure, patients are:

  • Monitored carefully as the anesthesia wears off
  • Shown how to adjust the settings on the neurostimulator, so that they can adjust the strength of the pulses as they learn how their body responds to the treatment
  • Provided with a list of postoperative recovery guidelines, such as activity modifications that should be followed for the first several weeks after the operation
  • Scheduled for any necessary follow-up visits (most patients see their doctor about a week after their initial InterStim implantation procedure, and then again in one to two months)

For more information about the InterStim procedure or to find out if the treatment may be appropriate for your needs, contact Florida Medical Clinic to request an appointment with the Department of Proctology.

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