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"He makes you feel like hes part of your own family"

Doctor Paul Z Gerczuk is the absolute best Cardiologist I have ever had and I have had a few in my 75 years. This Doctor is the most caring , considerate doctor I have ever had. Doctor Paul z Gerczuk makes you feel so relaxed while I was under his care before and after my surgery. He makes you feel like hes part of your own family. I would recommend Doctor Paul Z Gerczuk to anyone looking for a Cardiologists who wants a Doctor that won't hold back and is up front with every care and procedure you may need. I have to thank Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health for hiring this man who will always be an asset to there ever growing Company.

"I owe my life to Dr. Gerczuk. And would recommend him highly."

I am from Ohio and come to Tampa for the winter months. I have been having heart palpitations, chest pain, anxiety attacks, rapid heart rate, and blood pressure fluctuations. I consulted a cardiologist in Toledo and we tried different types of medicines. I would go in 2 week spurts since May, 2018 with hospitalization most times. My cardiologist gave me the green light to go to Tampa. The episodes continued. My first hospital visit in Tampa began in December. At the hospital, I was asked who my cardiologist was and I told them that I did not have one in Tampa. The doctor on duty said, “Well, you have one now.” This doctor referred me to Dr. Paul Gerczuk for my follow up visit. My first visit was very thorough and Dr. Gerczuk requested my records from Ohio. My next visit was to the point and I was given two choices. Continue as I was or have an oblation procedure. We chose the oblation and my life has been changed ever since. The oblation was done on January 17, 2019 and I have not had any pain since and all of the other symptom have disappeared. I owe my life to Dr. Paul Gerczuk and would recommend him highly. His personality is very warming and I felt secure in his care for me.
Kathleen G.

"Very pleased."

Got an appt. quickly. Doctor had my records from home, as well as from here in Florida. Was very explicit with his plan for treatment and the next step if it was necessary. Another person was present typing everything into a computer as it was being discussed. 1st time dealing with medical issues away from home. Very pleased.
Douglas P.

Amazing doctor and nurse practitioner.

They actively listen to you! They take a holistic approach to your care. The whole staff is friendly, professional, they treat you with respect. I was faced with needing to have surgery to correct a-fib that chemo created and it was the scariest thing I have ever had to face. I wasn’t responding to the medications. Both Dr. Gerczuk and Meghan were patient with me as I weighed the pros and cons of surgery and mustard up my courage to go through with it. The fact is, heat is what triggered my a-fib and needless to say living in Florida made that difficult to avoid. But they still stayed right by my side patient and helpful. I love everything about this office and the staff and would highly recommend them.

Thanks to the skills and professionalism of you and your staff at both of your offices, and at AdventHealth Wesley Chapel and AdventHealth Tampa, I am able to be here to write this note.

I have a saying, "If you're going to be dumb, you got to be tough" that now has to be revised to "If you're going to be dumb, you got to be tough and you better be lucky enough to have a group of people to correct and repair previous behaviors".

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the other folks that made the day of this writing possible.

The Pipe Fighter: Dr Bloom. (Stints)
The Plumber: Dr Morrison. (Blew the Valve, Installed Shim)
The Recovery Oversight Guy: Dr Buddineni
The Electrician, the Clean up, Parts Replacer and Rewire Guy: Dr Gerczuk
The BS Guy (Boston Scientific): Sorry I didn't get his name.
My Personal Coordinator: Miss Meagan or Miss Johnson Time [Inside Joke].

Despite the size of the "Gift" you left in my chest, I was expecting the mini version, I want to thank you for the opportunity to complain and this day to enjoy. I have not had a bad day since my procedure, and experiencing the best health in the last eight years. There are people that I have not annoyed and I now have the next twenty-five years to seek them out.

Thank you for taking me on as patient. Thank you for the years of study and practice. Thank you for surrounding yourself with great people. For my part I know that despite my behavior in the past, on February 4, 2019, I was far luckier than I could have hoped for or deserved.

William E. McDonald


Everyone at your practice is great. I appreciate everyone’s work ethic.

Warm & relaxed

Your clinic was clean and well organized. Warm and relaxed. I was at ease the moment I walked in. Thank you.


The most caring nurses and receptionist I’ve ever met.

Absolutely no complaints

Very glad to have chosen Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health. My experiences with Dr. Gerczuk has been exceptional.. the staff at all offices I’ve been to have been excellent as well. Absolutely no complaints whatsoever!

Expectations were met

Expectations were met and I have high expectations.

Positive atmosphere

Such a positive atmosphere and staff.


Great service. Thanks.

Awesome, very kind & caring

After stress tests over a few years to see what was going on with my heart, it could never be “caught” unless I was in an “episode”. Dr. Poster explained this to me and suggested I get a Kardia Mobile to use during one of my “episodes”. Sure enough I got a Kardia the next day and a few days later I used it during an episode, sent the EKG to Dr. Postler’s office. He then referred me to Dr. Gerczuk who read the EKG and knew just what is wrong with me. I have an appointment for next week with Dr. Gerczuk to “fix me up”.. My husband had these two doctors for his A-Fib and he is A-Fib free. These two doctors are awesome, very kind and caring.

A fantastic physician

Nicest office staff ever!!! Dr. Gerczuk is a fantastic physician. We are very happy with the care he provides for my husband.

Clear instructions

After the observation period, I was able to learn my situation and clear instructions to take about it.

Courteous, friendly & very helpful

Office is run very smoothly. Staff is courteous, friendly and very helpful.

"I will always be thankful for them."

Dr. Gerczuk took my case immediately within a day and he consulted with his ARNP, Meghan on his day off to help with my case. That says a lot when a doctor cares about a patient to look at them on his day off. The last 25 days have been rough for me from cardiologist to hospital stays and anxiety! Before Meghan came in the room I prayed that all of my results that looked bad would somehow be a misreading. I was there to have the experts look at a book of notes on me from various doctors. I was told in the hospital at some point I might need a pacemaker at 41 due to a report. Meghan came into the room to share very good news with me straight from Dr. Gerczuk himself. Meghan sat in the room with me and talked to me for about 30 min on every question I had. I will tell everyone Paul Gerczuk and Meghan CARE ABOUT HEALTH CARE and their PATIENTS. I will always be thankful for them.
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