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Medical Dermatology at Florida Medical Clinic in Tampa

We welcome the opportunity to address your skin concerns and provide treatment options based on best practices and the newest medical data. We take time to listen, answer questions and customize your treatment plan.

Dr. Careccia and her team are also interested in maintaining your best skin health through prevention and early detection. We also take a special interest in complex or challenging medical dermatology cases, especially those that involve the interplay between internal disease and the skin. Here are just a few examples of what we mostly encounter in clinic:

Skin Examinations and Skin Cancer Screening
  • Dermatologists are experts in the detection of skin cancer and melanoma, which are most easily cured when caught early. These cancerous growths are often unnoticed by the patient and are routinely identified and biopsied during a skin examination.
Photodynamic Therapy
  • Photodynamic therapy (or PDT) is a type of light therapy, performed in a medical setting, primarily to help eradicate the precursors of skin cancer, called actinic keratoses.
  • Rashes are extremely common, can affect any part of the body, and may be caused by many things, including medications, internal diseases and allergies. We are uniquely trained to not only control the rash but help detect the underlying cause.
  • Warts are caused by a virus, and they produce characteristic bumps on the skin. Numerous treatment options are available and will be selected based on your individual situation.
  • Getting your best results with an acne treatment plan takes more than just prescribing medications. Dr. Careccia and her team believe that patient discussion and education are the cornerstones of successful therapy, and we work closely with patients to achieve best results.
  • A chronic disease, psoriasis affects millions of Americans and may have internal associations. There are numerous ways to treat this condition, including creams, oral or injectable medications and light therapies. Our team is well versed in all modalities and will help you navigate the options.
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