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Dermatologic Surgery at Florida Medical Clinic in Tampa

dr careccia dermatology carrollwood

Board-certified dermatologists are highly trained skin surgeons who perform thousands of procedures in a safe, outpatient basis. From simple biopsies to more complex surgical excisions, dermatologists have the experience and training to deliver optimal outcomes.

Dermatologists are skin cancer experts. Not only do we diagnose skin cancers, but we also treat them. Dr. Careccia and her team will explain your diagnosis, explore your treatment options (including medical and surgical therapies) and discuss expectations both during and after any surgical treatment. Often skin cancers are removed during skin surgery, which is safely performed on an outpatient basis in our facility under local anesthesia. You are not “put to sleep” for these procedures, saving you unnecessary health risk, time and money.

There are also instances in which benign lesions, such a cysts and moles, require removal.

Dr. Careccia works closely with an talented team of additional specialists if your situation requires more intensive interventions than can be performed in her office.

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