Medication Management

Medication Management

Medication Therapy Management includes a comprehensive review of your medications and the reasons you take them. This process allows for optimized therapeutic results and helps to reduce the risk of adverse events by detecting any medication related problems.

Your Pharmacist will begin by reviewing with you, all of the medications that have been prescribed by all of your physicians.  The list will also include over-the-counter medicines you take as well as any herbal products you include in your regimen.  The goal is ensure that each of your medications is being used correctly and with consideration for how they may interact with your other medications.  In addition, this review helps to prevent duplication of active ingredients and eliminate any unnecessary medications.

Patients benefit from a better understanding of the medications they take which allows them to make informed decisions about other aspects of their life such as diet and activity levels.  They often feel empowered as they become a more active participant in their treatments and medication usage.

Medication Therapy Management optimizes the therapeutic results of a patient’s regimen, improving the quality of their care as well as their adherence to the schedule through better education. It also reduces a patient’s healthcare related expenditures by preventing physician and emergency care visits associated with the use of incompatible medicines.  Reducing the occurrence of adverse effects also improves patient safety.

Speak with a Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health Pharmacist about Medication Therapy Management.

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