Bladder Control Therapy

The control and confidence you need.

Bladder control therapy has helped countless individuals reclaim their lives from health issues such as urinary urgency, urinary incontinence, and other disruptive conditions. At Florida Medical Clinic, we provide a full scope of effective treatments and therapies for bladder control disorders in our Department of Proctology.

In order to find the right bladder control therapy for you, we will take into account the severity and frequency of your symptoms and your unique response to treatment. Options may include:

  • Urinary training
  • Medications to reduce spasms in the bladder muscles
  • Sacral nerve stimulation

InterStim is one bladder control treatment offered at Floral Medical Clinic. This implantable device helps enhance both bowel and bladder control when other therapies have not produced the desired results.

InterStim therapy is the only “try before you treat” option for urinary urgency and urinary incontinence. This option allows you to determine whether the device is likely to produce a significant improvement in your symptoms before committing to the treatment. Our experienced proctology team can help assess your symptoms and previous treatment results, as well as your pre-treatment assessment results, to determine the most appropriate path for you.

In addition, the Department of Proctology at Florida Medical Clinic can provide assistance with bladder training recommendations, pelvic floor exercises, prescription medications, and other options as dictated by a patient’s specific needs.

For more information about bladder control therapy or to schedule an appointment, contact Florida Medical Clinic today.

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