Bunion Surgery

Advanced care options for bunion surgery.

The podiatry team at Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health can provide a variety of surgical bunion treatment options for those experiencing bunions, or misalignment of the bone and/or tissue in the foot joints. These joints help support weight and facilitate motion, and when one or both move out of place, it can cause significant discomfort.

There are several treatment options for managing the stiffness, soreness, and pain that often accompanies bunions. At Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health, our experienced podiatry team will recommend treatment options tailored to the severity of your specific condition.

While bunions are permanent unless surgically corrected, there are a number of non-surgical bunion treatment options that can help alleviate pain and pressure on the foot joint, such as:

  • Orthotic inserts and gel pads
  • Anti-Inflammatory medications (over-the-counter or prescription)
  • Overnight splints for temporary immobilization
  • Heat/Ice therapy

The team at Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health also offers several forms of bunion surgery, including:

  • Surgery to realign the big toe joint into proper position
  • Surgery to remove the bunion without realigning the joint
  • Surgery to correct the damaged joint and reinforce it with screws or metal plates

We encourage you to explore conservative therapies before considering surgery. However, we specialize in minimally invasive and reconstructive procedures for foot and ankle pain. The team at Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health offers several forms of bunion surgery.

To consult with our experienced podiatry team regarding a potential bunion surgery, or conservative bunion treatment options that you can try before having an operation, contact Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health today.

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