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Mastectomy Surgery at Florida Medical Clinic – Total, Double, and Preventive Mastectomies for Breast Cancer


A mastectomy is a common form of surgery in which one or both breasts are removed. This surgery is more extensive than a lumpectomy, in which only a tumor and a small amount of surrounding tissue are removed, but it does reduce the likelihood of the cancer coming back. It is also more suited to individuals with tumors that are larger than five centimeters. It can even be performed in individuals who do not currently have breast cancer, but who are genetically predisposed to the condition and want to proactively remove breast tissue for future peace of mind.

The decision to have one or both breasts removed is a highly personal one, and Florida Medical Clinic’s surgical breast oncologists provide comprehensive guidance and support throughout the process. We offer a number of different surgical options, including:

  • Total mastectomy – The breast tissue, nipple, and skin, are removed, but not the lymph nodes.
  • Radical or modified radical mastectomy – In the radical procedure, the breast tissue, nipple, skin, and underlying muscles are removed, along with one or more nearby lymph nodes to which the cancer may have spread. In a modified radical procedure, the underlying muscles are left intact.
  • Preventive (prophylactic) mastectomy – Healthy breast tissue is removed to prevent cancer from developing (or, in patients who have already been diagnosed with breast cancer, to prevent cancer from coming back in the other breast).
  • Nipple-sparing mastectomy – The breast tissue itself is removed, but the original nipple is preserved.

We can also perform immediate or delayed breast reconstruction surgery following a patient’s mastectomy. Patients are invited to consult with their surgical oncologist to determine the best time frame should they choose to have a cosmetic procedure after treatment.

To schedule a mastectomy consultation with one of our experienced surgeons, contact Florida Medical Clinic today.

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