Hospitalist Care from the Professionals at Florida Medical Clinic


A hospitalist is a physician who specializes in coordinating care for patients in the hospital. Because these medical professionals work exclusively in hospital settings (as opposed to outpatient clinics), they have a higher understanding of inpatient care and hospital system procedures.

At Florida Medical Clinic, we have an experienced team of hospital medicine specialists who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our hospitalists can:

  • Order any necessary tests and treatments throughout the duration of a patient’s hospital stay
  • Answer question from the patient and his or her family
  • Communicate the patient’s lab results and progress to his or her general physician
  • Consult with specialty physicians
  • Maintain the patient’s medical record
  • Review recovery instructions with the patient before he or she is sent home

While patients do not meet with their hospitalist again after being discharged, they can contact their hospital specialist if they have any additional questions about their stay.

Working with a hospitalist often leads to more timely hospital care, as hospitalists can check on their patients and order tests or therapies at any time (unlike general practitioners, who typically keep 9-5 office hours). Additionally, most individuals who work with a hospitalist find that they have greater satisfaction with their level of care and the services provided.

If you’d like to learn more about how a hospitalist can help coordinate your inpatient care, contact Florida Medical Clinic today.

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