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Hernia Surgery At Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health

Hernia surgery may be recommended if a hernia (an internal organ pushing through a surrounding muscle or cluster of tissues) causes constant, disruptive pain, or if the hernia has the potential to obstruct blood flow to the intestines.

Some people choose to have surgery immediately after their hernia is diagnosed, while others prefer a “watch and wait” approach. Having helped numerous patients choose the right options for their unique needs, Dr. Whalen Clark, MD, FACS provides patient-centric treatment at Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health Surgery.

Dr. Clark specializes in traditional and minimally invasive surgery, using state-of-the-art methods and surgical technologies to help improve patient outcomes and shorten recovery times.

In many cases times, patients can return to light activity one to two weeks after minimally invasive hernia surgery, with the complete recovery process taking four to eight weeks total. However, a number of factors can influence the way a patient responds to hernia surgery, including the specific techniques that were used during the procedure and the patient’s unique medical history.

Taking a personalized approach to surgical treatment, Dr. Clark will:

  • Consult directly with each patient, without relying on a physician’s assistant to oversee physicals, test results or treatment recommendations
  • Take into consideration a patient’s unique preferences and lifestyle, as well as his or her diagnosis, to recommend a tailored treatment plan
  • Provide comprehensive post-operative care throughout the recovery process, treating each patient like family and supporting them as they return to their active lifestyles

For more information about inguinal or hiatal hernia surgery at Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health, contact Dr. Whalen Clark, MD, FACS.

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