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"Dr. Guttentag has given me my life back"

I had been in pain for years and became over weight due to my limited activities. Dr. Guttentag has given me my life back. Just 9 weeks after my surgery, I have lost over 30 lbs. Last weekend I went Kayaking, hiking, climbing over rocks and trees, riding my bike, mowing the lawn. Anyone needing a new knee should go see the best team around and don't hesitate. Yes it is very painful the first week or so and I swore if I had to get the other one done I wouldn't but now that I am healed up I would go in tomorrow and have it done again. Rehab plays a huge part of your recovery and the Florida Medical rehab people are great. I cannot thank Dr. Guttentag's team enough for my success.

"I will remember your kindness"

Dear Dr. Guttentag.. I am very grateful to you for my knee replacement. As long as I am going to be alive, I will remember your kindness. I am very proud of you.
Akhtar K.

"I am so glad I picked you."

Dr. Guttentag, Thank you, thank you, thank you! Since you have done the surgery on my knee, I have been pain free for the first time since 96. It is wonderful. I am so glad I picked you.
Betty B.

"Thank you for making it possible for me to return to my normal, active life style"

Dear Dr. Guttentag, I found that I was able to graduate from a walker to a quad cane in just one and one half weeks. I would like to thank you for making it possible for me to return to my normal, active life style. I have been able to do this as a result of the two total knee replacements performed by you. I must tell you that the difference in recovery time between the Oct. 2, 2003 left knee replacement and the Feb. 20, 2004 replacement using the new mini-incision method was profound. I was ready to leave the hospital just two days after the new procedure while I stayed four days after the Oct. one. Upon returning home, I found that I was able to graduate from a walker to a quad cane in just one and one half weeks and able to walk unassisted after a total of three weeks post surgery. I also found that certain movements such as walking up and down stairs and sitting/rising came back much more easily and with much less pain than I experienced after the first surgery. I was absolutely amazed at the difference. Because of this, physiotherapy was much easier for me and I was able to stop pain medication earlier than before. I would certainly recommend this new mini-incision procedure to any patient given the option.
Edwina S. B.

"How can I thank you for giving me the ability to walk again without pain?"

Dear Dr. Guttentag, For years I struggled and now with two total knee replacements I am able to do all the physical activity I desire. How can I thank you for giving me the ability to walk again without pain. For years I struggled and now with two total knee replacements I am able to do all the physical activity I desire. Your surgical expertise with the new 4″ incision, no cut muscles, and use of rich plasma platelets enabled me to have a very rapid recovery. I was able to walk the day after surgery and was hospital discharged in three days. I could walk without aids within a week. Your follow up teams cannot be praised enough. Home physical therapy for two weeks with outstanding personnel followed by superb physical therapy at the center thereafter. Your extraordinary support team excels and especially Eric and Kari. I would not hesitate recommending you to any and all that need knee or other orthopedic surgery. Thanks again.
Harry B.

"Dr. Guttentag is the most gentle, kind and knowledgeable surgeon that I have ever met"

For a number of years I have dealt with severe pain in both knees. A number of years ago I had both knees scoped which relieved some of the pain, then later I started doing the cortisone injections, I even tried the gel shots which would last approx. ten to twelve months. I reached a point to where shots or anything would give me any kind of relief. That is when I went to Dr. Guttentag. I discussed with him having both knees replaced. On May 16, 2014 he replaced my left knee and I made sure that I followed his instructions and at the same time did my therapy. It was such a great success that after six weeks, I was able to do almost anything with my left knee. I then returned to him and scheduled having the right knee done on July 11, 2014. Again I was very aggressive with the therapy and the exercises. It has been fifteen weeks and I am 100% pain free and able to play golf, bowl and any other activity I wish to do without any discomfort. Dr. Guttentag is the most gentle, kind and knowledgeable surgeon that I have ever met. I HIGHLY recommend anyone with any kind of knee problems to arrange a consultation with Dr. Guttentag... I have had family members and friends ask me if my knees felt normal or if I could tell I have had them replaced. My answer to that is I am 100% pain free and I feel no different than when I was a young man. I hope this information will be of help to you in making your decision in using Dr. Guttentag as your surgeon. Thank you
Jasper B.

"I feel like I am a part of your family."

Dr. Guttentag, Eric, & Staff, Thank you so much for giving me my life back.There is so much I want to say and not enough room to write it!! I adore the staff! Every staff member has been extremely kind, caring & very professional. When I am at your office, I feel like I am a part of your family. Thank you staff for your endless compassion! Eric, thank you for your kindness. You have always been very sweet & extremely helpful when I needed something. Thank you Eric for all the wonderful care you helped to give me. Dr. Guttentag, you are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for giving me my life back. I can have a life again after 5 long years! Thank you for giving me a chance, and for not giving up me. I feel amazing! You are extremely kind, caring, compassionate, intelligent, funny, and very down to earth. Thank you for your wisdom. I just cannot say enough about you! I am so grateful for meeting you. Thank you again & take care.
Kira B

"Thanks again for helping me get back to the things I love to do."

Wanted to say thanks to Dr. Guttentag. Hiked to the top of Storm Castle in Montana today, almost 2800 vertical feet and NO knee pain! So grateful! Thanks again for helping me get back to the things I love to do.

"Thank you does not seem enough."

Like many others, I struggled with knee pain for several years and did the gambit of shots. I met with Dr Guttentag and was scheduled for bilateral knee replacements. I had the first one done Dec 2014 and the second one March 2015. The first knee I was in the hospital two nights and the second knee just overnight. I was up walking the next morning and doing physical therapy. Both knees were a success and I walked into the first ten day post op appointments using a cane for balance only. It is now the end of April, I am back to swimming, and riding my bicycle with minimal scarring or pain. I really like Dr Guttentag's post op plan of care. He is conservative with compression socks, and wraps and makes sure one has adequate pain medicine. I think his belief in using the continuous passive machine (CPM) for exercising the knee the first three weeks is a key element for successful flexion and extension of the knee. I can bend my knee further than I have been able to in several years. I have two hiking trips scheduled for this summer and I look forward to both of them thanks to Dr Guttentag. I also want to give a high five to his clinic staff. From Xray, to technicians, to Dena in scheduling and his Physician Assistant Riordan.....all were so friendly and helpful and went above and beyond. Thank you does not seem enough.
Marsha F.

"Forever grateful."

Dr. Guttentag, I played competitive league tennis 4 times this week and my shoulder is doing fantastic! Thank you for doing such good work and fixing me so I could get back out on the tennis court. Forever grateful.
Mechy W.

"Thank you again for using your talent to help people"

Dr. Guttentag, I am looking forward to a more active life style. I would like to say thank you for my recent knee surgery in 2004... I had the total minimal knee replacement. On March 9, 1999 I had a total right knee replacement in the traditional performance on joints. Due to pain and length of recovery period, I have been most apprehensive about another knee replacement. I was totally amazed after this left knee surgery you performed on July 22, 2004 (total knee replacement). The therapist had me up walking the evening of the same day at the hospital.. I have had virtually no pain. Only sight discomfort. I have and will continue to recommend this type of surgery by you (Dr. Ira Guttentag) to those with joint needs. Thank you again for using your talent to help people with joints needs. You make it so easy and painless. I am looking forward to a more active life style. Your Grateful Patient C.M.
C.M. (Mae) B.

" I am able to enjoy my life without pain."

Dear Dr. Guttentag, Words cannot begin to express my appreciation for the difference you have made my life. After total knee replacements of both knees, I am able to enjoy my life without pain. I no longer have to sit all the time due to severe knee pain. I am able to walk as much as I want, able to ride a bike again, to climb a ladder and be active in my grandchild’s life. I am able to do all of the above without pain thanks to your excellent skills as a surgeon. Your entire staff was great to work with. Everyone is so caring. I especially want to recognize Cheryl for the excellent job she did of coordinating all of the pre-op appointments and preparing me for the surgery. Eric was also excellent for his part. Most of all, I want to thank you for being an excellent Orthopaedic surgeon. Please feel free to give my name to any candidates for knee replacements that would like to talk to someone that has had the surgery. I will be happy to share my experience with them. Thanks again for my wonderful knees.
Sandra S.

"I am totally pain free"

Dr. Guttentag performed surgery on my rotary cup in the right shoulder. He did a outstanding job. As of January, I am totally pain free and I have complete movement in my right Shoulder. Dr. Guttentag is AWESOME!
Cynthia G.

"I would happily & easily recommend to anyone needing an excellent orthopedic doctor/surgeon & physical therapists."

Dr. Guttentag performed partial knee replacements on my knees. I cannot begin to express how grateful I am that he did such a wonderful job and improved my quality of life. He was professional, friendly, listened to my concerns and very positive. I had been seeing Dr. Guttentag for quite some time with my osteoarthritis knees until I could no longer stand the pain and negative affect it was having on my life. I am so happy that he was my surgeon. His office staff too was also outstanding. After my surgery, I met with Ms. Kari Minda and Ross Cozzo in your Wesley Chapel, Physical Therapy Department. Again, what a positive and wonderful experience with them as well. They were both professional, caring and friendly and gave me a lot of motivation. In fact, after my second PKR they had taught me my exercises and how to properly care for my knee so well the first time around that, the second surgery recovery was so much easier and faster. I implemented what they had taught me at home starting from the first day. I am happy to say that, within a month’s time, I had achieved full range of motion on my knee and no longer needed PT. I continue to do my exercises at home as I know it is still important. I wanted to express to you what a fantastic team you have at Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health whom I would happily and easily recommend to anyone needing an excellent orthopedic doctor/surgeon and physical therapists. Thank you! sincerely, Tania Augello
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