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Sports Medicine Knee

ACL Reconstruction Surgery for Patients in Wiregrass/Wesley Chapel, Tampa, Zephyrhills, and Brandon, FL

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction is a procedure that replaces the main stabilizing ligament in the knee with tissue derived from a patient’s own body (or a donor). The goal of this procedure is to re-establish the stability and function of the knee, while preventing further injury.

The typical approach for performing ACL reconstruction surgery – called a knee arthroscopy – involves the following steps:

  • A small camera and light is inserted into the knee through a small incision, allowing the surgeon to view the joint interior up close on a monitor in the operating room.
  • Using surgical instruments that are inserted through other small incisions in the knee, the surgeon creates spaces to anchor the tissue graft.
  • The graft is secured to the bones in the joint with specialized hardware, such as screws or staples, to keep it in place.

Many individuals living in Wiregrass/Wesley Chapel, Tampa, Zephyrhills, and Brandon, FL, look to Dr. Ira Guttentag at Florida Medical Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine & Spine for his tremendous expertise with ACL reconstruction procedures. Dr. Guttentag specializes in using minimally invasive surgical techniques to promote fast recovery times and the best possible outcomes.

If you need ACL reconstruction surgery, contact Florida Medical Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine & Spine today and schedule a consultation Dr. Guttentag. He can help you overcome your injury so that you resume the active lifestyle you desire.

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