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"As a mother, teacher and runner, I am thankful to your staff."

Dr. Castillenti is a hero! I am a single mom and a teacher who really needed a painful cyst removed before school started so I could have time to recover. I had my appointment scheduled to accomplish this. I got care for my daughters and established a ride from one of my friends for my surgery date.. I was informed that my surgeon would not be coming in and I could not get the procedure!!

Per my request someone had called to see if any other surgeon could perform my procedure. Initially it was a no.. but then I was told Dr. Castillenti was going to come talk to me. He appeared (in my mind he might have been riding on a white horse, ha ha) and after speaking with me, he agreed to do my surgery! Again, I cried this time overcome with gratitude for him and for the staff who then had to change all of my paperwork to reflect that Dr. Castillenti would be performing the procedure (and they even called to confirm with my insurance that it would be the same cost to me!). No one complained even though I am guessing they had to work hard and late; instead they were all so kind (Sandra, the anesthesiologist, Tammy etc etc). They were all just happy, as I was, that I was getting it done as planned… Dr. Castillenti stitched and glued it and I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t feel worse when it was over.  I can’t imagine anyone ever being happy to have a cyst removed from their tailbone, but after the scare that it wouldn’t happen after all the help I needed to enlist.. I was so happy I can’t put it well enough in words. I am such a fan of Dr. Castillenti and the staff at the surgery center in Zephyrhills!! Thank you all!!

P.s. As I came out of anesthesia I allegedly kept asking when I could run again since I have a marathon in November — luckily since the doctor and staff helped me that day and are fitting me in for my follow up this week, I should be able to train soon for the 26.2 miles. As a mother, teacher and runner, I am thankful to your staff.

- K.K.

Dr. Castillenti was born in Washington, PA and raised in the Pittsburgh area. In addition to his surgery practice, Dr. Castillenti also serves as Senior Aviation Medical Examiner. He is married with grown children. He enjoys cooking, and other hobbies include flying, scuba diving, outdoor sports and traveling with his wife.

  • Medical Education

    Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine
    Chicago, Illinois

  • Internship/Residency

    Doctors Hospital
    Columbus, OH
    Rotating Internship

    Doctors Hospital of Stark County
    Massillon, OH
    General Surgery Residency

  • Fellowships

    Saint Anthony Medical Center
    Columbus, OH
    Peripheral Vascular Surgery Fellowship

  • Hospital Memberships

    AdventHealth Zephyrhills
    AdventHealth Dade City
    FMC Special Procedures Center, Zephyrhills

  • Special Interests

    General Surgery
    Peripheral Vascular Surgery
    Aviation Medicine
    Wound Care

  • Board Certifications

    The American Board of Osteopathic Surgery

    General Surgery

    Vascular Surgery

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