Hearing Test

Before we test your hearing, we listen.

To us, listening to your concerns about your hearing is a critical first step to diagnosis. Once we understand your symptoms, a simple test can help determine if you’re experiencing hearing loss. At Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health, we offer comprehensive diagnostic examinations for both children and adults, as well as rehabilitative services and treatments for varying degrees of hearing loss.

A hearing test may be necessary if:

  • You frequently find it difficult to understand what other people are saying and often ask people to repeat themselves or raise their voices
  • You find it especially difficult to carry on conversations in loud areas, such as restaurants and shopping centers
  • You don’t always hear the doorbell or telephone ring
  • You routinely increase the volume on your TV or radio
  • You have been told by a friend, family member, or physician that you might have a problem with your hearing

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, a hearing test can help us identify and treat the problem. There are several different types of hearing loss and a variety of treatments for each, beginning with a formal audiometric test to determine the degree of hearing loss. Hearing can be impaired as a result of issues in the exterior ear canal, the middle ear, or the inner ear.

We offer everything from entry-level hearing aids to highly advanced, customized hearing instrument technologies. Our experienced audiologists will review each of your options with you to determine what treatment is best for your diagnosis, lifestyle and budget.

Let’s get your hearing back to where it needs to be. To schedule a hearing test at Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health, contact us today.

Comprehensive hearing examinations

We conduct tests for hearing loss and impairment in both children and adults.

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