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Revision Joint Replacement

Revision Of A Joint Replacement – Surgery For A Painful Or Failed Hip Or Knee Replacement

Joint replacement surgery is often successful, but a revision is sometimes necessary after the original procedure. Specializing in complex hip and knee surgery and joint replacement revisions, Dr. Gerald “Trey” Alexander III, M.D., has helped numerous individuals who had already undergone joint replacement surgery, but were still experiencing pain or limited mobility.

Reasons for a joint replacement revision include:

  • Infection (both in the weeks immediately following the initial procedure, but also possible several years down the road)
  • Instability of the knee (characterized by a sensation of the knee buckling or “giving out” when bearing weight)
  • Instability of the hip (characterized by the artificial ball dislocating from the artificial socket)
  • “Wear and Tear” Worn-out implants can stop functioning correctly or even break apart into several small pieces, at which point they typically need to be replaced. (Occasionally involves a process known as osteolysis, in which the body begins to break down and absorb its own bones)
  • Loosening (sometimes the implant becomes de-bonded from the surrounding bone causing micro-motion and severe pain)
  • Fractures (usually caused by a trauma or fall, resulting in a broken bone around the implant)
  • Metal-On-Metal wear
  • Malposition (sometimes implant position is not ideal causing poor function and pain)
  • Stiffness (often caused by a buildup of scar tissue around the knee joint and implant)

Dr. Alexander recognizes how difficult it can be to consider a second surgery, but has substantial experience in successfully revising painful and failed knee and hip replacements. In some cases, he is able to recommend nonsurgical treatments, such as physical therapy to address stiff joints, to help patients avoid revision surgery. In other cases, however, Dr. Alexander uses his surgical expertise to help patients achieve the results that they were hoping for from their initial procedures.

To learn more about joint replacement revision at Florida Medical Orthopaedics, Sports Medicine & Spine, contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Alexander.

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