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The office of Dr. Niraj Patel & Midwifery Team

Florida Medical Clinic Gynecology, Obstetrics and Midwifery offers comprehensive women’s healthcare services. We welcome women in all stages of life, from adolescence to menopause and beyond. Taking a unique approach to women’s healthcare, we offer a collaborative approach to your healthcare needs by having physicians, women’s health nurse practitioners and certified nurse midwives who work as a team to provide the highest quality health care for our patients. We feel that our collaborative practice best meets our patient’s needs and provides our patients an opportunity to have a team of highly skilled women’s health providers.

Our Tampa FMC OB/GYN team is located at 14014 N. 46th Street, Suite C and has privileges at AdventHealth Tampa. Our practice consists of physicians, women’s health nurse practitioners and certified nurse midwives.

Our providers perform annual well woman examination, breast exams, self-exam education, pap smears, diagnostic treatment for abnormal pap smears, biopsies, insertion of contraceptive devices, and diagnostic ultrasound in office, in an effort to make your care as convenient as possible.  If surgery is required, our surgeons are trained in performing minimally invasive and robotic options that typically involve smaller incisions and shorter recovery periods than traditional gynecological surgeries.

Our obstetrics department provides:

  • Prenatal ultrasounds
  • Prenatal risk counseling (high-risk pregnancies may be monitored by our team of obstetricians)
  • Prenatal dietary counseling
  • Physical and emotional support during labor and delivery
  • Postnatal monitoring and checkups
  • Breastfeeding assistance

In addition, we perform fetal ultrasounds for pregnancy and pelvic ultrasounds to diagnosed gynecologic problems. We offer optional 3D/4D fetal ultrasounds and gender reveal ultrasounds.

Ultrasound imaging does not involve radiation exposure and produces clear images of soft tissues that do not show up well on traditional X-rays. As a result, ultrasounds are ideal for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Establishing the presence of an embryo/fetus
  • Estimating how far along a woman is in her pregnancy
  • Evaluating the placenta and amniotic fluid
  • Monitoring fetal development
  • Detecting birth defects & pregnancy problems
  • Determining a baby’s gender

Our team provides a unique approach in our collaborative practice. At Florida Medical Clinic Gynecology, Obstetrics and Midwifery, patients are offered the very best in women’s healthcare. Each of our providers have specialized in women’s health. Our physicians are board certified obstetricians/gynecologist. Our ARNPs are board certified in women’s health and have completed extensive training that specifically focuses on every aspect of women’s health, and in providing care for women from adolescence throughout their lifespan. Our certified nurse midwives are specialized in the care of obstetric patients and are committed to helping each patient have a healthy pregnancy and providing an empowering experience that aligns with her individual wishes. Our team women’s health professionals are committed to working together to provide every patient with high-quality, patient-centered care.

Our physicians understand that there are many reasons that a woman might prefer to obtain her obstetrical care from a midwife. We support our patients in making safe, informed decisions for themselves and their families. Our midwives and physicians attend deliveries at AdventHealth Wesley Chapel where we believe we can provide the best care possible to our mothers and families. Our obstetrical team is committed to helping each patient have a healthy pregnancy and an empowering experience that aligns with her individual wishes.

Women who desire midwife obstetric care and delivery, but whose pregnancies develop risk factors that require medical intervention can be assured that all precautions necessary will be provided. To ensure safety for both mother and baby, we have a team of highly experienced OBGYNs who can serve as a safety net in the event of medical complications. If a woman or her baby requires specialty care, our Florida Medical Clinic OBGYN physicians and the entire medical team at Florida Hospital Wesley Chapel are available 24 hours a day.

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