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How to Receive Effective Depression or Anxiety Treatment in Carrollwood

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For over a decade, Maulik K. Trivedi, M.D., has delivered outstanding results for patients that require anxiety and depression treatment in Carrollwood, Wesley Chapel, and Brandon. What separates Dr. Trivedi and his team from other psychiatrists is their customized approach to treating patients. This includes providing patients with a unique health and wellness plan known as MindBody Care™, a treatment approach that is specifically designed to care for a patient’s long-term mental health. In this brief article, we will answer a few common questions that prospective patients currently suffering from anxiety or depression may have who are seeking an excellent psychiatrist in the Tampa Bay area. 

What are Dr. Trivedi’s Feelings on Prescribed Medication? 

For patients who fear being put on an addictive prescription medication that will give them side effects, Dr. Trivedi rarely prescribes prescription drugs to patients, especially early in their diagnosis. As many prescription drugs utilized to treat depression and anxiety are addictive in nature, Dr. Trivedi prefers a more natural and holistic approach to treatment. He begins by listening to the patient and their concerns. He then assesses their symptoms and offers insight into ways they can improve their health through natural healing processes. It’s Dr. Trivedi’s belief that the best long-term results for patients include minimal medications.       

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Does Dr. Trivedi Provide Anxiety Treatment in Carrollwood? 

Dr. Trivedi and his team are committed to helping treat patients afflicted with a variety of issues affecting their lives, including anxiety, depression,  difficulty sleeping, and relationship problems, among other issues. Utilizing a medical approach known as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the care team’s goal is to improve patients’ physical, emotional, and spiritual health by utilizing a combination of medical research, positive psychiatric practices, and an excellent doctor-patient experience. Dr. Trivedi and his team have worked with thousands of patients faced with a myriad of challenges, and they are proud to have helped them overcome their obstacles and live a better life with effective depression and anxiety treatment in Carrollwood.       

What are Some Forms of Treatment Aside from Medication?

Utilizing the MindBody Care™ model, Dr. Trivedi and his team apply a variety of modalities to provide patients with the health and wellness care they deserve. In some cases, this includes yoga, breathing skills, meditation, spiritual awareness cultivation, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, fitness counseling, and nutritional counseling, among other forms of treatment that focus on the mind and body. It’s Dr. Trivedi’s philosophy to not focus his treatment efforts solely on the patient’s diagnosis or chemical imbalance but instead to create a customized approach for each patient that accounts for their physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual dimensions. 

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