Administrative Residency

Florida Medical Clinic is a multi-specialty physician group with locations throughout the Tampa Bay area. Our physician-owned clinic is currently growing with over 380 providers and more than 50 locations. Florida Medical Clinic’s one-year postgraduate Administrative Residency Program is designed to provide recent MHA/MBA graduates practical and operational experience in the outpatient setting.

The unique aspect about our residency program is that you are training for a permanent Associate Director position within Florida Medical Clinic during your time as a resident.

The Administrative Residency is a project-based program which exposes the resident to all facets of the organization. The resident will work closely with the senior leadership team throughout rotations and projects related to process improvement, financial, and operational initiatives of Florida Medical Clinic. Along with project work, the resident will attend executive and board meetings. The resident is also encouraged to supplement their experience with attending other committee meetings throughout Florida Medical Clinic and shadowing clinic staff.

We provide our resident with coaching and mentoring that enhance leadership and management skills. Previous residents and directors working within Florida Medical Clinic serve as mentors to guide the resident through their learning experience. Residents develop close relationships with their mentors as well as the executive leadership team during project assignments and rotations.


The objectives of the residency include:

  • Gaining mentor/mentee relationships with the senior leadership team
  • Postgraduate hands-on management experience and professional growth
  • Contributing to our organization through projects and attendance at executive meeting and board meetings

How to Apply

I invite you to apply to Florida Medical Clinic’s Administrative Residency position! Please see below for a list of application packet information and important dates and deadlines.

Please submit your application packet to Amanda Wolter at

Application Packet Information:

  • Resume
  • Official Graduate Transcript
  • Three Letters of Recommendation addressed to Joe Delatorre, CEO
    • One academic
    • Two professional
  • Personal Statement:
    • Two pages single-spaced statement addressing career goals, your decision to pursue a residency experience, and specific expectations of the Florida Medical Clinic residency
  • Essay:
    • 500 words maximum per question
    • Pick 3 words to describe yourself and explain why you chose them.
    • What is the most common mistake healthcare leaders make? How could this mistake be avoided?

Important Dates and Deadlines:

  • Application Deadline: October 9th, 2020
  • Phone Interviews: Mid October 2020
  • Online Interviews: Early November 2020
  • Offers Extended: Mid November 2020
  • Residency Begins: Summer 2021

If you have any questions regarding our residency process, feel free to contact Amanda Wolter at

Previous Residents


Maria Habib, MBA | University of South Florida


Amanda Wolter, MHA | University of Central Florida


Amanda Alvarez, MHA | University of Florida

Katrina Pavlinec, MHA | University of Central Florida


Eddine Luma, MHA | University of Florida


Chad Eichel, MHA | University of Florida

Aisha Horne, MHA | University of Florida


Amy Chaildin, MHA | University of Florida

Shaima Ramadan, MHA | University of Florida