Keeping You Safe at Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health – A Message From Our CEO


Joe Delatorre, CEO

Change is in the air and Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health has intensified our efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. We have enhanced safety measures to ensure patients and staff are safe and healthy.  These efforts include strengthened safety measures at our office facilities, an unwavering commitment to improving our care delivery, and closely monitoring directives from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as the Florida Department of Health guidelines.

COVID-19 Response Team & Safety Measures

In order to meet the needs of this public health emergency, Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health established a COVID-19 Response Team. Our Response Team is comprised of senior administrators, physicians, and RN’s who have volunteered to serve outside of their traditional roles at Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health. Members of the Team are providing care for general medical services, and are serving on the front lines at Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health’s COVID-19 evaluation sites.  The Team continuously reviews all updates from the CDC and state agencies to implement care and safety measures to ensure we are compliant and practicing leading-edge medicine to successfully combat COVID-19.

Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health offices remain open. We have implemented additional measures to ensure safety and efficiency:

  • Masks or Face Coverings: required for all staff and all patients in our facilities.
  • Sterilization: extra cleaning is enforced at all high-traffic areas, including frequently touched items.
  • Hand Sanitizing: additional hand sanitizing stations have been set up at all facilities.
  • “No Wait” Rooming Process: a “no wait” rooming process has been established in several offices.
  • Exam Room Escort: some office locations allow patients to wait in their vehicles until we escort you to an exam room.
  • Reduced Seating in all Lobby Areas: enforced social distancing guidelines.
  • Phone or email check-in option: most office locations offer a patient check-in by phone or email for appointments.

Telemedicine Services

To effectively combat the pandemic, we have also established a Telemedicine platform which provides “virtual visits” to patients from the comfort and safety of home. Telemedicine visits provide our patients with a continuous connection with their Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health providers. For many, telemedicine visits with their provider is the safest way to obtain needed medical care during this time. In the event that a virtual visit requires the need for further in-person care or additional testing, we will arrange and expedite your appointment during your Telemedicine visit.

Patients interested in requesting a telemedicine appointment, or converting an existing appointment to telemedicine, please visit our Telemedicine page and click the “Schedule Now” button, or call your physician office directly for assistance.

COVID-19 Testing

We now offer evaluation and testing for all symptomatic individuals in our community, whether or not you are currently established as a patient of Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health.  If you have unexplained fever or respiratory symptoms, please call Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health’s Urgent Care Clinics 813.929.3600. We will provide further instructions and direction to one of Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health’s COVID-19 evaluation sites.


In good health,

Joe Delatorre, Chief Executive Officer




COVID-19 • Message from CEO

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