3 Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health Providers Stop to Help Bike Rider Hit by Car


Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health

On the evening of June 9, 2021, there was an accident. Dr. Gerald “Trey” Alexander, Angel Koenig, APRN and Medical Assistant Teresa Capaccio all separately stopped to help. Find out what happened next:

Dr. Alexander: “I was driving on my way home down US-301 and I noticed tons of brake lights. The first two cars ahead of me just suddenly stopped and they pulled off onto the shoulder. Me being the next car, the next thing I saw as I was braking was that there was a woman and her bike in the middle of the road.”

Angel Koenig, APRN: “I noticed the cars in front of me started slowing down, so I figured there was something happening in front of me. As I was driving past the accident, I look over and I just see a bike in the road and somebody laying there.”

Dr. Alexander: “I stopped, but I stopped in the middle of the road to block any further cars from coming through and I got out.”

Angel Koenig, APRN: “I can’t just drive by. I have to stop, and see if whoever it is, is OK. I walk over, and I’m looking at the woman and then all the sudden I hear, ‘Hey, Angel!’ and then I look over and I was like, ‘Oh hey Dr. Alexander!’ He was already on scene, so that made me feel comforted that someone was already there. Dr. Alexander told me that she had an open fracture in her leg, she had some other injuries that we were assessing and we were just waiting for EMS to get there at that point and just making sure that she stayed conscious. So we’d been waiting a few minutes and somebody strolls up with a backpack full of first aid supplies, which was awesome.”

Teresa Capaccio, Medical Assistant: “I quickly got out of my car, threw over my bag — I have a little first aid bag I keep in my car in case anything were to ever happen. I saw Dr. Alexander there, same thing with Angel. I said I was a Medical Assistant working with FMC, so they were obviously with FMC too. It was nice to have a Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health little team together. There’s a lot of comfort with all of that.

Angel and Dr. Alexander had asked me, ‘Do you have a splint?’ Out of all the things I have in my bag – not a split. So I ran to my trunk, I had a piece of cardboard and then I was like, ‘Oh I have my levi wand.’ I pulled it out and I brought it over to the scene. I said ‘Look I have cardboard, and I have this toy.’”

Dr. Alexander: “So that was the only thing rigid that we had, so we splinted her leg using an Ace wrap and the stick until paramedics got there.”

Teresa Capaccio, Medical Assistant: “I’m a year into what I do, but I’m a lifetime into what I do. I get emotional over it sometimes, because we live in such a crazy world. Our world needs so much more love, and it was just so nice to see somebody from Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health. My first year working for them – it was just so nice to know that I work for a loving company. Someone who actually cares for their patients.”

Thank you all for defining what it means to be an FMC Superhero!

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