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Ira Guttentag, MD

Dr. Guttentag, Eric, & Staff, Thank you so much for giving me my life back. There is so much I want to say and not enough room to write it!! I adore the staff! Every staff member has been extremely kind, caring, & very professional.

When I am at your office, I feel like I am a part of your family. Thank you, staff, for your endless compassion! Eric, thank you for your kindness. You have always been very sweet & extremely helpful when I needed something. Thank you, Eric, for all the wonderful care you helped to give me.

Dr. Guttentag, you are absolutely amazing! Thank you so much for giving me my life back. I can have a life again after 5 long years! Thank you for giving me a chance, and for not giving up me. I feel amazing! You are extremely kind, caring, compassionate, intelligent, funny, and very down to earth.

Thank you for your wisdom. I just cannot say enough about you! I am so grateful for meeting you. Thank you again & take care.

Sohail Khan, MD

My grandson Noah was an urgent care patient with Dr. K. She was able to diagnose him with a UTI before the test results even came back. I would have never thought! He had stomach virus symptoms and since it was the weekend, I wanted him checked out. We love Dr. K and I hope she’s on duty next time we have to make a visit to FMC’s urgent care facility!

Arnold M. Ramirez, MD

I first met Dr. Ramirez-Pagan about 7 years ago he was my late husband’s doctor. My husband passed away In July of 2013. The next day, Dr. Ramirez personally called me to offer his condolences. In 2014, I was having severe back pain which I had for many years. I made an appointment to see Dr. Ramirez.

I had always found him to be a very caring and understanding person who takes the time to sit and explain everything to you. I have been his patient for almost a year and he has helped me as much as he can. I still have pain but I can live with it. I can walk and do not need a wheelchair or walker but use a cane. I feel that without Dr. Ramirez’s help, I would be totally incapable of doing many things. That is why he is my favorite doctor at FMC.

Geoffrey Cronen, MD

I met Dr. Cronen in July of 2010, and my surgery took place August 9, 2010.  I was so worried he was going to be some stuffy Doctor that would come in to the room, talk only to my mom, and then leave; not caring about my thoughts or concerns as we have had in the past. We were already prepared to find someone else if that was the case. This could not have been farther from the truth. He spoke to me and my mom as if we had been buddies for a long time.  I left his office that day as if I had just hung out with a friend who was reassuring me that he was going to look out for me and make sure that I would be okay.

I was very scared, but he seemed to have understood me and just hung out in the room for longer than I know he was required to; let’s just say, not only do I have the best Doctor matched up to me, but I have gotten a friend for life. He and his staff have treated me, my mom, and anyone that comes with me with such kindness; we are welcomed each time I go in for my follow up visit as if I was just there yesterday.

I text Dr Cronen on his cell phone when I am concerned of something new that is going on with my back or due to the surgery and its recovery stages that are taking place or to tell him something I was able to do. He always makes it a point to get back to me either by texting or calling. I don’t remember much before or after the surgery, but I do remember him being there; talking to me, making sure I felt safe as I was prepped for surgery. He also made sure my mom stayed informed of where he was at during the surgery.  Dr. Cronen you are the best. Thank you for being who you are, devoting your time to kids like me and truly caring.  It does make a difference. Hey Tasha, this was more difficult to write than we thought. It is not a loss for words, it is that it is very emotional.  You guys have truly been there for us during a time that is a life changing event and you have been as big a part of Dr Cronen making us feel confident with this surgery.

You two are a good team and the assistant that he has, Josh? He could not be with anyone better.  Bed side manners do count.  Thank you very much.


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