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"Thank you so much Dr. Gray for the outstanding job you did..."

Thank you so much Dr. Gray for the outstanding job you did. I am sure that it is not often that you receive a testimonial regarding a successful surgery from years ago. However, I feel compelled to write to you about the success I had with the removal of a bone cyst that was actively growing in my right index finger. The surgery took place in November 1996 – YES, almost 20 years ago! The bone cyst was located in the section of my finger closest to my first knuckle. It was a large enough bone cyst that it required a bone graft from my right radius. I was worried about nerve damage and scar tissue formation that would limit my use of the finger / hand. I had been warned by other doctors that it was possible I might not be able to use my hand well, as my index finger might stick out permanently, and I may not be able to curl my hand into a fist any longer, which would limit my grasping of objects in my right hand. You, Dr. Gray, promised that you would do your best not to harm the nerves in my hand to the best of your ability so I could retain as much function as possible. I am happy to report to you that I have full functioning of my right hand. I can curl my right index finger into a fist, and I can type as well as I always have. I attribute my success to your suggestions of performing physical therapy at home after I had healed from the surgery by squeezing a sponge and as I got better at that, squeezing a harder rubber ball for exercise of the hand. I also took up knitting and continued to work my fingers for finer motor skill improvement. The only objects that can escape my grasp at this time are small things such as tiny coins (dimes) or small buttons. I have full pincer grasp abilities, and have continued with my sewing and quilting. Thank you so much Dr. Gray for the outstanding job you did when you removed the active bone cyst from my right index finger. I would and have highly recommended you for hand surgery or any other orthopedic surgery to anyone who has ever talked of needing such surgeries.
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