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"Dr. Raterman has given back her life due to this hip replacement surgery"

My mother was suffering from terrible hip pain. In January of 2011, she underwent hip replacement surgery, performed by Dr. Raterman and a few weeks later, this 81 year old returned to work where she stands on her legs 8 plus hours a day! It was amazing how quickly she recovered and over a year later is doing exceptionally well and is pain free. Dr. Raterman has given back her life due to this hip replacement surgery and we are grateful to him and his staff for the care she received under his guidance. For those individuals who are in pain daily due to a hip issue, I would tell you with no hesitation to seek Dr. Raterman’s advice and pursue the surgery in order to change your life for the better.
John M.

"Nothing but trust in your ability to perform an outstanding surgery every time."

Dr. Raterman, Thank you very much for the success stories I have with your surgeries. I have been to see you for severe ankle pain, which was caused by debris within the bones. You cleared it up and I was walking with no cast or boot within four weeks, and this ankle was diagnosed 3 different ways by three other physicians. Next, my occupation as a legal secretary has taken its toll. For several years I have been diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in both of my wrists. I went through therapy for years and nothing was stopping the numbness and pain anymore. I came back to you and again have had two successful surgeries where I was back to full speed typing within 4 days. I have nothing but trust in your ability to perform an outstanding surgery every time. Thank you for everything you and your staff have done for me. Your name will be on my recommendation list to all I know.
Laurie M.

"I feel more in control of my day to day life than I have in years"

Wow, where to begin. I am a 60 year old survivor of Polio, who, because of life experiences, had a distrust of doctors. I have dealt with degenerative joint disease for years. As such, I have also dealt with ever increasing limitations that came with the situation. I was blessed by having a pro-active primary care doctor.. who told me that it was her job to find a doctor she felt would be best to handle my care. She led me to you, and I was blessed again. From the moment I first entered the office, I felt that this was a practice that cared about people, not just “patient number xyz123″ . Every member of your staff made me feel more confident that I would receive respect, answers to my questions and concerns, and a care plan suited for me (as apposed to a one size fits all method). At all times I felt well informed and totally involved . Hip #1 was replaced in September, Hip # 2 in January. 3 days in and out both times. Home health care went well, we complete outpatient PT shortly. Thanks to your gifts as a surgeon, the after care plan, and the followup by your staff, I feel more in control of my day to day life than I have in years, Thank you does not quite seem to cover what I have been given back, but I thank you from the bottom of my heart to you and your staff.
Mike C.

"My new hip feels like my own in every way"

I received a total hip replacement from Dr. Raterman 6 months ago — my first surgery ever, and I am 74. Never could I have imagined the surgery would be so easy and recovery so fast. Don’t remember any pain at all. Within 9 days I was walking without a cane and doing extremely well with therapy. Dr. Raterman commanded a lot of walking, and I walked every day. 10 days later I was driving and could be completely independent again. My new hip feels like my own in every way; I am now able to swim and do aerobics and yoga again.
Patricia B.

"If I had written a 'wish list' for how I wanted all this to turn out, I would never have dared make the result this good"

Dr. Raterman, I am a 62 year old male who has been athletically active all my life. I am a weekend warrior, and not very good at my chosen activities, but over many years I have enjoyed bicycling, rowing, weight lifting, and years ago a fair amount of handball and racquetball. All of these sports, along with inherited arthritis, ruined my right hip joint. Most of us know people who have had the traditional hip replacement surgery, and have heard the horror stories of the long recuperation period afterwards. Knowing this, I went on the internet looking for alternatives. It was not in vain; I found what I was looking for. There is a lot on the internet about the BHR (Birmingham Hip Resurfacing), a new procedure for the United States, but with a ten year history overseas. I learned all I could about it, researched who the doctors are in the area that do it, and picked Dr. Raterman, of the Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health. (He is also Chief of staff at the University Community Hospital in Tampa). I saw him as soon as I could, and he told me that I was a prime candidate for the BHR. On December 29, 2006 the surgery was performed at the University Community Hospital, a short distance from Dr. Raterman’s office. The people at the hospital treated me like family instead of a patient, and on the second day after the surgery I went home with a walker. I was on the walker for 6 days, on a cane for 2 additional days, and decided on the 9th day to go without the cane (with the aid of painkillers, of course). Home Physical Therapy was also provided. It is now 16 days post-surgery. As I write this, I have just come back from a 4 mile bicycle ride (no pain at all), have been driving my car since the 8th day after surgery, and if I had written a “wish list” for how I wanted all this to turn out, I would never have dared make the result this good. I still have exercises to do for a while, but I have about resumed my normal, active life. Your mileage may vary, of course, but the BHR, in my opinion, is “miracle medicine”, and Dr. Raterman (who has done about 10% of all the BHR’s performed in the USA) leaves nothing to be desired in an orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Raterman and staff, many thanks for my active life being restored to me.
Paul L.

"I am a happier person not being restrained with hip pain."

Dear Dr. Raterman, Last August at my six month hip replacement follow-up you asked what I could not do that I wanted to do, and I said, “Weed my garden.” There is more to the story; here is what I can do – simple, yet important daily activities that are essential to my job, and part of everyday life: I can walk the long church aisle without holding on to another pastor’s arm. I can walk up and down the steps unassisted. I can walk as fast as a nurse during my hospital visits. I can bend over and lean in to listen to seated people. I can sit, stand, and walk for longer periods of time. I can walk for exercise with my neighbor. Best of all, I am a happier person not being restrained with hip pain. Two weeks ago I dropped my car off to the mechanic and walked the 1.5 miles home. I was stiff, but I’ll take stiff over pain any day. You have my utmost appreciation for a surgery that proves its success every day! With Sincere Gratitude,
Peggy A.W.

"The rehabilitation was astonishingly rapid"

I work as an actuarial consultant... A nice easy desk job that leaves me primed for action after the work day. I live in Valrico, and have two sons.. both college students. My introduction to being 'Old Folks' started about four years ago, when I found my daily runs were no longer fun, owing to a limp brought on by degenerative arthritis in my right hip, and who knows what other sins. I have been a passionate, though not an elite, athlete my entire life. At age 66 now, it’s no surprise that I should hit a detour in my oblivious pursuit of perpetual youth. After many months of first denial, next blind-alley searches for solutions, then acceptance that the hip was worn out, the solution finally emerged. Two years ago, I had the right hip fixed at last, in Wisconsin. Then ten months ago, I had the left hip fixed as well, by Dr. Raterman — I now pack Hopalong Cassidy iron, BILATERALLY. Birmingham Hip Resurfacing, twice. My rehabilitation for the first surgery went well, and at the six month mark post-surgery, just as I was returning full bore to my athletic passions, I realized my left hip was now worn down and turning snaggly. By then living in Florida, I found Dr. Raterman online through the bible of hip resurfacing, www.surfacehippyinfo.com. The doctor took an x-ray and concluded the left hip, too, needed to be resurfaced. This time the rehabilitation was astonishingly rapid, even compared to the first surgery on the right hip. The combination of the now restored hip joints and a lifetime of dedication to the sporting life allow me to continue defying the advancing years and hold onto my vanity. Let’s hope my Karma stays good.
Richard J.

"I am entirely pain free and running again"

I have been suffering from pain in both hips for over ten years and was diagnosed by Dr. Raterman as having bilateral avascular necrosis in both hips. After two years of giving me quarterly hip injections to control pain, Dr. Raterman suggested that I was a good candidate for a procedure known as hip core decompression. This procedure, which for years had been using bone graft, was modified to extract the patient's own stem cells and insert them into the hip joint in the hope that they would stimulate bone growth. I had the procedure done in both hips on September 21st, 2015. Although I had to use a walker for six weeks following the procedure, I experienced very little pain. Now it is February of 2016, and I am happy to report that I am entirely pain free and running again for exercise after not being able to run for over ten years. Thank you, Dr. Raterman!
Robert H.

"It is so great having no pain"

Dr. Raterman & Staff, Thank you so much for the great job you did on my hip. It is so great having no pain and dancing 2 weeks after surgery! I’m really enjoying getting back to my active life style. Thanks Again!!!
Samantha S.

"I will never forget all you’ve done."

Dr. Raterman, I just wanted to take a second to really express to you how thankful I am for all you have done for me. My life has been full of obstacles and challenges, but I’m blessed to have been given the strength, support, and opportunities to follow any dreams I could want. Obviously, I am thankful for your surgical skill and talent, but more than that I am eternally thankful that you were willing to give me the chance at a life made so much easier because of you. I will never forget all you’ve done.
Shelly S.

"Dr Raterman has given me the ability to do anything I want!"

I was playing professional hockey and was near the end of my career. I was restricted in my training and had constant pain. I also walked with a very bad limp and was getting injections every 3 months to continue the game I loved, but also just to be able to walk around and do the everyday things that we all enjoy in life. As luck would have it Dr Raterman was at one of our games in 2007. Our trainer talked to Dr Raterman and told him my situation and he saw me and right away he knew what I needed. I went through 4 years of pain and not knowing what my quality of life after hockey would be like because of this injury. Well 6 weeks after my surgery I was running and doing work outs that I was not able to do before the surgery. I was now walking for the first time in many years without pain or the limp. I skated with my team after 5 months post and if we were going to make the play offs Dr Raterman and his support team had me ready to play. It has been 5 years since my surgery and I feel fantastic. I run almost every day of the week. I am very hard on my body as I also play a high level of squash without any pain or discomfort as nothing holds me back anymore. I am now Director of Player Development with a NHL team and I am able to be on the ice and participate in practices with them if and when needed. Dr Raterman has given me the ability to do anything I want!!!
Tim T.

"If I ever need to have my other hip treated, my first call will be to Dr. Raterman."

Dr. Raterman performed hip replacement surgery for me in May 2012. Prior to my surgery, I had difficulty standing up straight and couldn’t walk without a limp. I am a 67 year old retiree and I was playing tennis 2-3 times per week, although I moved with difficulty and with considerable pain. My local orthopaedic physician advised that with my osteoarthritis, I was a good candidate for hip resurfacing, which he did not perform. After doing internet searches and speaking with a local patient of his, I made an appointment with Dr. Raterman. Soon after surgery I began my rehab including an exercise program of walking and bicycling, then resumed playing tennis after four months. I have experienced zero pain and no complications, and I’m happy to report that today I hike, ride my bicycle, and play tennis 3-4 times per week, covering the court better than ever. Best of all, someone even told me I look younger. If I ever need to have my other hip treated, my first call will be to Dr. Raterman.
Tom C.

"You truly did a FANTASTIC job with my hip!"

Dear Dr. Raterman, What can I say but ‘WOW’! I am so grateful for the hip-resurfacing magic you performed on me just a month ago. Honestly, I can’t believe the remarkable, rapid, and nearly pain-free experience I’ve had in the last 30 days. The following things are all TRUE: 1) The surgical experience was fantastic- the team you assembled was stellar in every respect; courteous, compassionate and highly skilled. The anesthesia portion of the surgery was my biggest concern going in and yet it was an absolutely flawless experience. The nursing staff kept me quite comfortable and highly entertained. I am sad that my other hip does not require renovations… 2) I had surgery on Wednesday around noon, and was discharged a little more than 24 hours later! We were able to travel back to our home in Fort Walton Beach the very next day..­ unbelievable. I used a walker for 6 days, a cane for a day after that, and that’s it! Except for using my truck door as an aid getting into and out of, I never needed assistance walking again after that first week. 3) I inadvertently scheduled physical therapy to start 7 days post-surgery. I later learned that you typically wait 2 weeks post-surgery to begin that, but it worked out because I had achieved all the PT goals within 2 weeks of starting those sessions. I experienced only mild pain following those therapy sessions but the prescribed pain meds easily resolved that. 4) I’ve had hip/back pain for several years. It’s ALL gone. I went for a one mile walk yesterday up and down a hilly path in the woods. I didn’t break any speed records but I also didn’t experience ANY hip pain! The only thing that hurt following that walk were all the other muscles that I haven’t been able to use in a quite some time. You truly did a FANTASTIC job with my hip! During our initial consult we discussed whether or not I was a good candidate for surgery due to my size/weight. Your response was that I was the ‘poster boy’ for having this procedure. Truer words have never been spoken! I am SO grateful for the time, talent and expertise you extended on my behalf. If you need an ambassador for this procedure for future patients, I will be more than happy to assuage any concerns they may have… Your newest #1 Fan!!
Tommy H.

"Dr. Raterman and his staff have given me my life back"

Just short of one year after complete knee replacement surgery on my right knee, Dr. Raterman and his staff have given me my life back, Thank You Doctor Raterman. Not only did he perform a perfect knee replacement surgery, his staff and the rehab services he recommended guided me through the tough times and helped me fully recover and now I am back to playing golf, walking for miles at a time and soon, my wife and I will be hiking through the National Forests out West this summer. Thank You, Thank You Thank You.

"So much gratitude with deepest appreciation."

Dear Dr. Raterman, Kim, Marlena and staff, I can't thank you enough for returning the use of my knee. I look forward to doing things I haven't been able to do. What I'm most grateful for is the confidence I went into this surgery with- that I had the best surgeon and operating room staff I could possibly have. That's half the battle and assured a successful outcome. I also can't say enough about the hospital. All in all a great experience. Thank you- just two small words to express so much gratitude with deepest appreciation.
Marlene S.

"Always takes such great care of me"

Dr. Raterman has always taken such great care of me. I fractured my right humerus and both knees scoped and left knee replacement and right knee scheduled.
Catherine P.

"Always kind, funny and caring"

Dr. Raterman is one of my favorite doctors!!! Always kind, funny and caring. His nurse practitioners are pretty awesome too!
Jen O.

"Just because you have a new hip isn't a reason to slow down, it's a reason to CELEBRATE!"

I don't know why I waited so long in so much pain before I had a total hip replacement. Dr. Raterman gave me a new hip but he also gave me no pain and more flexibility than I've had in forever. I received my new hip in September just after my birthday. The following February, my husband and I went hiking in Maine in the snow! I put my new hip through her paces and she came out shining. In September last year, for my birthday, I swam the "Escape from Alcatraz." Just because you have a new hip isn't a reason to slow down, it's a reason to CELEBRATE!
Sheila C.

"I will recommend him to all friends."

Congratulations to Dr. Raterman my Orthopaedic surgeon. He did an excellent job on my right hip 7 months ago. I was walking within a week. My recent surgery to my right knee by Dr. Raterman was very successful, in 6 weeks I was walking with no problems. Dr. Raterman is a great surgeon and I will recommend him to all friends.
Myra A.

"No Pain and No Cane!"

I am a seventy nine year old male, first retired from the US Army and subsequently from civilian Industry. For the past 5 years I was in constant pain from an ever increasing incidence of bone on bone in my knee. Previously, I went to several sports medicine Doctors each of whom prescribed various combinations of physical therapy, walking canes and finally expensive and complicated braces, all of which temporarily mitigated my pain but never corrected the continued degeneration. I also attended a number of very helpful presentations at the Wesley Chapel Hospital most of which addressed ailments related to the aging process. Among those announced presentations was one entitled "Walking away from Knee Pain" to be presented by a Dr. Stephen Raterman. This Title immediately had my attention and I contacted Dr Raterman's office to schedule an appointment, Dr. Raterman immediately impressed me as a very experienced Surgeon who, based on his ordered X- Rays of my left knee, advised an approach to try simpler treatments prior to resorting to any surgery. These simpler treatments did offer short term relief but it eventually wore off and the pain returned. He advised that my knee only had bone on bone in only one compartment of the knee, the remainder of the knee being normal for my age. He advised that he would be able to use a robotic technique to do a "Partial Knee Replacement" (PNR) which would preserve the "good" parts of my knee and repair only the damaged portion. Dr. Raterman also advised that this PNR would not preclude a full knee replacement should one ever be necessary. I went to surgery on August 23rd at the Wesley Chapel Hospital, a truly outstanding facility. My surgery started at 7:30 AM and I was home prior to noon the same day. I had subsequent in home physical therapy, followed by 4 weeks on an out patient basis. I have had two Post Op follow-ups with Dr. Raterman with a third follow up in February, Here I am 3 months post operation in a NO CANE AND NO PAIN condition ready to continue to enjoy my life. Hopefully I will never need further joint surgery but, IF I should, it is only Dr. Raterman that I will call. Thank you Doctor Raterman for making this possible!

"One of the best decisions I have ever made"

Dr. Raterman changes lives. I am 7 years out after bilateral Birmingham hip replacements. We did them 9 weeks apart and I returned to kayak instruction and loading 6 weeks after each procedure. I thought I would never be able to return to competitive sports again after giving up racquetball tournaments and beach volleyball years before because the pain was not worth the enjoyment. When I couldn't continue on a hike in North Carolina at 56, it was time for surgery. Now at 63 I am a competitive pickle ball player and cover the court like in my 30's. Hiking again is an incredible blessing. I interviewed several doctors before deciding on Dr Raterman and BHR but it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Last year as a safety kayaker for a long distance ocean swimmer at Alligator Lighthouse in Islamorada, Capt Rob and I were comparing ailments and when we both talked about hip replacements he said a Rock Star had done his replacement and he had traveled 5 hours to see him each time. I said I had traveled 2.5 hours and knew we were talking about the same surgeon. Lighthouse Larry the originator of the swim also had a hip done by Dr Raterman. Small world. Marlena and the office staff are great also.

"Thank you Dr. Raterman for helping me to walk again"

I Did It!!! Only 3 and a half months after a total hip replacement, I hiked up Mt. Ranier! Up 3000 feet! Thank you Dr. Raterman for helping me to walk again so I can enjoy hiking with my son.
Sandi Q.

"Great to have my life back."

I am now five weeks post total hip replacement. Recovery has been amazing - was walking pain free, no meds and cane free at 10 days after surgery. I walked every day, increasing the distance a little at a time. I resumed bowling, assessing how I felt, at three weeks after surgery. Hip was great! I can't say enough about Dr. Raterman, his team and the staff at the AdventHealth at Wesley Chapel. Everyone was professional and made the process easy. My home health care nurse, Tracy, was very patient and provided great tips for exercises and physical therapy. It is just great to have my life back.

"Could not have received better medical care for my total hip replacement"

Dr. Raterman, his staff, the Advent Health Hospital @ Wesley Chapel, and Kindred at Home PT are phenomenal. From my first appointment through my post-surgery follow-up, I could not have received better medical care for my total hip replacement. The bottom line is his office strikes that rare balance of offering first-rate medical care, professionalism, and heart. Dr. Raterman is not only a gifted surgeon who uses cutting edge techniques but also has a wonderful personality: He is kind, patient, compassionate, and provides explanations /answers questions. His PT/nursing protocol for me entailed intensive exercise/walking, and preventative measures for pain, blood clots, and pneumonia. I highly recommend him to anyone needing an orthopedist/joint replacement. His staff, including surgery co-ordinator Debbie Adams and PA Robert Taliaferro, could not have been more helpful: They provided pre-surgery and post-surgery instructions, and were always accessible to answer questions. I am grateful for their care.
Wendy E.

"I can't thank him enough."

Dr. Raterman is a legend. I went to him literally unable to walk without holding onto something; I had severe OA R hip. Most important, I couldn't keep up with my 5 year old daughter. Dr. Raterman resurfaced my hip over Christmas and now (6 months later) I am running on a treadmill an hour a day and can climb anything my daughter can and play "tag" all day long with her. I can't thank him enough. As a doc myself, I've already referred a few of my own patients to him. Just wanted to let him know he has really made a huge difference in my life and my little girl's life as well.
Andy B.

"My hip feels better than it ever has"

Dr. Raterman gave me my life back. Thank you so much. I was in excruciating pain and had to have my right hip replaced Feb 8 this year and followed Dr. Raterman's protocol. By mid May I am like brand new, and today June 18 my hip feels better than it ever has, I'm free of vertigo and no longer have any limp, that I've had since 12 yrs old. Really really grateful for Dr. Raterman's kindness and expertise and thankful for his amazing staff who navigated everything so well. Gratitude for real medical care to Dr. Raterman and his team.

"He has the hands of an Angel"

Dr. Raterman has replaced both of my hip joints. Five years ago I had a total hip replacement on my left hip and just recently he performed the same surgery on my right hip. Dr. Raterman’s professionalism, expertise and knowledge has resulted in a 100% recovery with no limitations in either hip. The Head Nurse at the hospital said it best when she commented, “He is the best; He has the hands of an Angel; We never have any problems with his patients”. I would be remiss if I didn’t comment on Dr. Raterman’s Staff and office protocol. His staff is simply outstanding and they truly care about you as a patient and I compliment Dr. Raterman’s high standards. Marlena Howe, his Certified Nurse Practitioner and Robert Taliaferro, his Board Certified Physician Assistant, are amazing and their care and advise can be trusted. Melissa is the Surgery Coordinator. She schedules your surgery and all of the required appointments. She also ensures that hospital test results are available and disseminated to the appropriate Doctors. The protocol that Dr. Raterman has put in place at the Hospital removes all the stress on the day of surgery. Anna, a nurse from his office, is assigned to the surgery prep room and interfaces and assists with each of Dr. Raterman’s patients to include their spouses. She is responsible for coordinating communication between the Dr. Raterman and the family members. Prior to your surgery you will meet all the Doctors and nurses who will participate in the surgery. Dr. Raterman and his Staff has changed my life style. I can play golf, go to the gym, snow ski, go to sporting event and enjoy my family. 100% recovery.
Gerald W

"Didn't treat me like an old lady."

I'm only 71, not so old. Dr. Raterman allowed me to keep on teaching aqua aerobics after a hip replacement and didn't treat me like an old lady.

"Honest, Down to Earth"

Dr. Raterman is a GREAT Doc... If you need an HONEST, Down to Earth Orthopedic, Dr. Raterman is the BEST!!!
Robin L.

"Thank you Dr. Raterman."

Dr. Raterman did my right total knee replacement four weeks ago. When I got to the hospital the morning of surgery all of the nurses, anesthesia, and surgery tech told me I had a great surgeon. They were definitely right. I am already walking, driving, and have had very little pain. I am hoping to return to work next week, which will be less than six weeks from my surgery. The PT department at FMC has also been great. Thank you Dr. Raterman.

"Very professional and caring."

Dr Raterman and his entire staff and support team were excellent. They made special allowances to expedite me due to me living in the British Virgin Islands, and the surgery and overall service was first rate. Very professional and caring.
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