What Is Pain Management and How To Seek Treatment


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Pain can be difficult to diagnose since there are so many potential causes. Accidents, surgery, and illness can all play a part. Sometimes, the pain can even stem from no apparent reason at all.

Chronic or acute pain can detract from anyone’s quality of life, since it can disrupt work, socializing, or enjoying time with family. These types of situations may make the individual feel powerless and out of control.

What is Pain Management?

Pain management is the treatment plan which a certified pain management specialist recommends to help reduce or alleviate pain, especially chronic or acute, with the goal of restoring the ability to function and a reasonable quality of life.

There are two categories of pain management: Interventional and Non-Interventional.

  • Interventional These types of treatments include surgery, nerve blocks or nerve stimulation, implantable drug delivery systems, spinal cord simulation, and radiofrequency ablation among others.
  • Non-Interventional These types of treatments do not use surgery or injection methods, and tend to focus on physical therapy, lifestyle changes, medication management, and other non-surgical options.

Your specialist will work with  you and your preferences to individualize and optimize your treatment plan.

Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health can Help!

Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health has both Interventional and Non-Interventional pain management specialists. Since everyone is different, there may be a period of trial and error while determining which method is best for you. Our doctors are experienced and board certified, and happy to work with you to find the right solution to reduce the chronic or acute pain in your life!

Pain Management Techniques

There are multiple pain management techniques under the broader umbrella of Interventional and Non-Interventional pain management. These are approaches which combine and focus on various management methods. Here are some of the most common categories.

  • Advanced Pain Management Nerve blocks, injections, infusions, spinal cord stimulation, physical therapy, and medication may come into usage with advanced pain management techniques. This approach focuses on minimally or non-invasive therapies in order to reduce the patient’s pain and discomfort.
  • Interventional Pain Management Similarly to Advanced Pain management, Interventional management may utilize nerve blocks, injections, infusions, spinal cord stimulation, and medication. The main difference is that this technique addresses the direct source of the pain. Techniques may involve surgery, electrical stimulation, or intrathecal implants in order to reduce pain. Interventional pain management may be used in severe cases, or in conjunction with other therapies.
  • Chronic Pain Management Chronic pain results from signals that remain in the nervous system even after the damage has healed. Everyone is different, so while some patients find their pain irritating, others’ pain evokes strong emotional reactions such as fear and terror. Chronic pain management focuses on coping techniques. With guidance and practice, the brain can be trained to process, handle, and control the sensations of pain.
  • Integrative Pain Management As the name suggests, integrative pain management combines traditional medical treatments with alternative methodology. This approach considers whole-body healing, including psychological, physical, spiritual, and social aspects. The goal of integrative pain management is to promote the aspects which are best suited for the patient, since many variables – both external and internal – can contribute to or harm the healing process.

All of the above treatments are very different in their approaches. However, they all work towards the same goal of reducing pain and improving or restoring a person’s quality of life.

Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health

Our Doctors at Florida Medical Clinic Orlando Health recognize that a treatment plan which is right for one person may not be right for everyone. That’s why every patient is evaluated and diagnosed with specific consideration to their individual needs, and every treatment plan that is prescribed will be different.

Pain isn’t easy to live with. We’d like to help change that.


Pain Management

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