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"Dr. Domby is our families hero."

Dr. Domby is our families hero. He did the most amazing surgery on my son’s knee. My son injured it playing football. Tore his meniscus, patelar tendon, MCL, and ACL. It took 2 surgeries to repair. Dr. Domby was extra cautious. He put a surgery off because he was uncomfortable with the circulation in my sons leg. He made sure that every possible test was cleared before putting him on the table. We were pretty sure my son would not ever play football again. Less than 1 year later, my son is now the top high school line backer in his conference. Dr. Domby’s care and bedside manner are something I have never found in any other doctor. Read More...

I cannot recommend him highly enough. Because of Dr. Domby, my son now wants to be an orthopedic doctor!

- Monica R.

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"He was kind and made her comfortable!"

My daughter Paige hurt her knee (incomplete fracture of her tibia) at gymnastics and Dr. Domby was great for her. She’s not the most outgoing, but he was kind and made her comfortable!

- Emmy