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Well-Being Program January 2020: Patient Registration

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Program Created By:

  • Allison Hull, DO – Dual Board Certified Adult Internist and Pediatrician
  • Kim Chism, MPH, RDN, LDN – Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
  • Kelly E. Matthew, B.S.  Certified Health Coach

A Letter From Our Founder, Allison Hull, DO

Welcome to Well-Being! We are a Tribe brought together to transform you. As an Adult Internist and Pediatrician, I have the unique privilege of caring for patients of all ages. Through my years of practice, I have learned the value of relationships to not only sustain our health, but more importantly, to better it.

Most of my patients want to improve their health, but they lack the support and tools to achieve this.  Herein lies the creation of “Well-Being”. This program provides a multidisciplinary approach to build healthful habits that are life-long.

We start with the most powerful tool of all – How We Think! The foundation of our program incorporates the science and art of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. From here, we transition to the science of Food. We arm you with the ability to follow one of two tracks – Low-Carbohydrate Living or Ketogenic Lifestyle. Our meal planning, recipes and cooking demo will equip you to adapt to a nutritional path that’s right for you.

As your confidence prospers, we introduce the fitness component of the program during week seven. You will have the opportunity to meet for weekly team classes with a certified fitness trainer to better foster your personal fitness goals. You will quickly recognize this is unlike any other weight loss program. We create a community of support so vital to developing sustainable behavioral change.

We are meant to be tribal. We thrive when serving a common Purpose. For every pound lost during the 14 week program, I will donate $1 to a community organization connected with FMC’s Foundation of Caring.

Our Vision is this – Improve The Life Of One To Change The Lives Of Many. You are the One to change the Many. Welcome to our Tribe!

Allison Hull, DO

Diplomat of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics

While our individual journeys may be different, our destination is the same.

Our Approach To Well-Being

1. GET MOTIVATED — Achieve Life-Long Health Goals

Learn to achieve your personal life-long health goals. Combat daily stress, improve sleep and master mindfulness. And compete in weekly team challenges to win fun prizes.

2. GET EMPOWERED — Find Your Personal Purpose

Learn the “true” why and how to eat healthfully. Join a nutritionist on a healthy grocery store tour. Watch healthy cooking demos. Learn basic tools to garden food.

3. GET STRONG — 6 Weeks of Personal Training

Join 6 weeks of small group fitness training. Receive your own fitness tools. Gain access to FMC’s weekly yoga, boot camps, and Zumba classes at no additional charge.

4. GET CONNECTED — Meet Others on the Same Journey

Be part of an accountability group. Connect with a health coach. Change the community-For every pound lost, a donation will be made to a local non-profit organization.

Open House Registration

Well-Being Program January 2020: Patient Registration

Pay Now
For Payment, please enter: “Wellbeing” for Account Number


Join the program for only $599. HSA funds may be used for payment. Registration includes:

    • 12 interactive group classes
    • A nutritional resource guide
    • Sample healthy meal plans
    • 6 weeks of fitness training
    • Personal health coaching
    • Well-Being food scale
    • Notable guest speakers
    • Live education demos
  • + more fun giveaways!


Throughout the program, you will be able to pick your path to good health, depending on which option is right for your health goals. You can choose between the following 2 paths:

  • A Low-Carbohydrate Lifestyle OR
  • Ketogenic Living

Spots are limited – Register today!



Find out what members of our Tribe have to say about our Well-Being program!

“This program helped me take my life back. It was a jumpstart to a healthier lifestyle, which I continue to thrive in one year later. I am thankful for the tools and knowledge I received and the lasting relationships that I built.”
“I came to Dr. Hull new to town as an overweight type two diabetic with a fatty liver, popping baby aspirin to subside the constant chest pains I was having. My sugar levels were spiraling out of control and for the first time in my life I was scared for my future. I thought I was doing everything right. I reduced my stress, ate lots of fruits and vegetables, avoided carbs and exercised 3 to 5 days a week. What was I doing wrong? That’s when Dr. Hull introduced me to a new program. WELL-BEING Planted with purpose. She was infectious and told me I could possibly cure myself of these diseases with the foods I eat instead of just treating myself of the symptoms with the medications I take. For so long I wanted to hear those words, only to be told by other doctors, “the medications are working, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Elated by what I was told, I came home and told my husband who had experienced his own struggles with weight, diabetes, as well as chronic pain, and said “we need to do this together!“ We both were very excited to embrace this new challenge and knew we had to do this for our future, our children, and grandchildren.
Week after week we focused with our coaches on a well thought out program of healthy eating, mental well-being, and exercise. We had a support system in place with nutrition experts, lifestyle experts, fitness experts as well as the support and camaraderie of our fellow tribe members supporting each other with the forever Bonds we have made, all while under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Hull.
To be perfectly honest, I have never experienced a doctor that truly believes about fighting the cause instead of treating the symptom. Spending countless hours on the total well-being of her patients. I felt like I won the lottery! After only 10 weeks, my husband and I have both reached a weight we haven’t seen in over 30 years and most importantly reducing six of my medications as well as several for my husband. We as a couple have more energy, vitality and hope. Together we cook, exercise, meditate as well as have a new outlook on a promising new future.”
Well-Being gave me a new life. In just 2 months I lost weight, lowered my hemoglobin A1C, and came off of 5 medications. Thank you!”
“Well-Being was an absolute life changer for me. I am back in charge of my health now. I have lost over 60 pounds and I feel so much better!
“Thank you so much for everything this program has given me! I lost 24 pounds and gained a renewed sense of purpose.
“I lost 18 pounds in 10 weeks and learned to make true lifestyle changes.”
“I have learned that there is no failure—just a continual path toward better health.
“In the past I would have let a week of poor eating derail me. With this program I learned to stay in the game — and I did!”
“Thank you for all the inspiration you have given me to follow this new path. I am having great success staying on this path!”
“Thank you for not just being my doctor, but for all of the inspiration you have given me to follow this new way of life! I am having great success on staying on my path. Thank you again!”

This program gave me years of life I may never have seen. My wife and I now look ahead and see a bright future full of real living.”

“Before Well-Being, I exercised regularly but was unable to get to a healthy weight. Within a few weeks of starting the program I was able to reach my goal weight!
“Mind over matter is a real thing. I have learned that I CAN accomplish my goals related to food.”
“I received so much support from my team members and other participants. It was absolutely wonderful!”

“I lost more weight than I planned! My clothes do not fit anymore!”

“I learned the truth about nutrition, portion sizes and how to healthfully lose weight.”
“My team was my lifeline. When I was ready to throw in the towel, they stepped in and gave me life.”
“I lost 22 pounds and learned so much about healthy eating!”
“This program has helped both me and my family make changes and improve our lifelong health.”
I have lost over 50 lbs and no longer require insulin to control my diabetes. I have reduced my blood pressure and cholesterol medications in half. My entire family has made changes thanks to the education and support of the program.”

“Food no longer controls my life.”

“My team has served as such a great support. I never would have thought I was going to make such wonderful friendships – such an unexpected blessing.
“I can accomplish way more than I thought I could. This program has helped me realize what I am capable of.

“Since suffering an accident about 17 years ago that caused me to suffer from debilitating chronic pain with limited exercise, poor eating habits, as it was easier to do so. To be on one blood pressure and one high cholesterol medication to then add another and then a third to each to try and control my increasing blood pressures, cholesterol, and blood sugars numbers they still kept climbing. I continued for years having to take these medications and for short times being able to control my weight with some success doing low carb diets and eating “healthy bars, snacks, and candies” that I know now are loaded with fake ingredients that actually hurt my body, not help it. The short term diet fix didn’t have success in decreasing my lab results. I’d attempt at times to try to eat a healthy diet as I was told, plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. My weight would stay about the same, and my labs would increase, not lower, I’d get discouraged and try to go back to low carb eating those bars that said “low carb” My numbers would get worse, but I felt I was doing the right thing by eating low carb processed bars. After moving to Fort Myers and starting with a new doctor and trying to lower my blood sugar, a battle that lasted for several years, last year he put me on medication for diabetes. First one pill, then a second, and then a third. I lost the battle and still continued to eat these so called healthy low carb bars and candies.

After moving to Wesley Chapel in May my wife Lorie and I needed to find new doctors. In July Lorie had her first appointment with Dr. Hull. After her appointment she came home and told me how Dr. Hull talked about treating patients by curing a person by getting them healthy from the inside and out. She told her about a new 12-week “Well-Being” program that she was starting 7/24/18. I agreed with Lorie to try it. I was intrigued by having a doctor and team there to help along the way, and by the end of the program having the knowledge to keep a healthier you. Going in we were asked “what is our goal weight”? I had no expectations of being able to lose 25-30 pounds, let alone 10 pounds. At week 10, I’m elated, excited beyond words I’ve lost almost 30lbs which is almost 15% off my starting point. Food and SNACKING used to be so important to me. Now after losing the weight and being taken off or reducing the amounts of my medicines that I’ve taken for the past 1/3 of my life. I truly believe I’m reversing my aging process at 56 years old and am healthier now than when I was half my age. I probably haven’t seen 170lbs in close to 30-35 years. In addition to the change in eating habits I’ve been able to mix in a bit of exercise. The mixing in of fitness demonstrations adds to the wealth of knowledge we received.

I’m still the person who decides what I eat, my results and reaching my goals wouldn’t be the same without doing this program and change in lifestyle without my wife Lorie, Dr. Hull and her incredible team. During this 12-week program I have had many questions that are answered quickly by our nutritionist Kim, and coach Jen, as well as my fellow team members, and Facebook group. On Facebook we share our success and failures, recipes, and ideas. Before this program I wouldn’t think twice about what I put in my mouth. I now take the time to weigh out the portions for what I’m going to eat. I would snack all the time, day or night. Now every day I fast at least 16-18 hours between dinner and my next meal. Most days I’m not eating 1000 calories, but am never hungry. I never feel deprived of food ever. I drink between 100-128 ounces of water every day. Earlier I mentioned about posting on Facebook. I’ve posted many different items. The one post that sticks out was after I struggled for a few hours about halfway through the program and I broke down and chose to eat some M and M candies. I posted to “man up”, admit my failure and expected to get bashed for cheating. What I got I couldn’t believe in a hundred years, the support and love felt from our instructors and fellow members of our “tribe”, the nickname given to us by Dr. Hull.

Prior to learning about “Well-Being, Planted with Purpose” I’ve heard of keto dieting, low carb dieting but never as a well-planned program run by such amazing people. I saw on Facebook over the past 1-2 years somebody go through an incredible body transformation that included a great deal of exercise with diet. I had actually contacted her around the same time before starting our new lifestyle. Because of my limited ability from damaged nerves I chose the Well-Being path, and I couldn’t be prouder or happier that Lorie and I have made this lifestyle change together.

We were broken into “teams” by our leaders. At first I wasn’t sure how this would work having strangers being part of my journey. Our team was Lorie and I, and three others we never met before. Just prior to moving I was diagnosed with a disease that turns out fights against this lifestyle change. So unknown to me, it was harder for my body to work through the changes I was working towards. We were all doing this for what seemed like different, but the same reasons. One was doing it in preparation for her wedding, another to fight diabetes, and the fifth had put on some weight after a recent move who had previous success on a keto program, we named our team “Dream Team”, I was the only man in our group and I didn’t want to step on a woman’s toes with this new program. Early on we set up to have a nightly text to share our needs, wants, success, and failures. Seeing on Facebook what others have done, has also been additional motivation for me. I’d say if they can do it, so can I.

I was asked why I’d recommend the program to someone who is not sure about joining? I was a 56-year-old man who was overweight, with increasing blood pressure, higher cholesterol, blood sugar that kept climbing and a body that wasn’t a pretty sight to look at. I had been a very talented athlete when I was younger, over the years turned into an out of shape fat man who was not aging gracefully. I can now look in the mirror and see my younger self. For me my purpose and why is to be around and be active for my wife, children, grandchildren, and future great grandchildren. Not to just be there, but to be active in their lives. I’m not letting my old eating habits get in the way ever again. It’s ok to have a “cheat” meal or day, but then get back to our better eating. All I have to do is look at before and now pictures, and they show it. Look at my numbers from my lab results, they speak louder than words. Look at the decreases in my medicines and I expect in another month or two to be off all blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes medicines all together.

During this 12-week program I’ve talked to others about my transformation, but haven’t shared any pictures yet. Only a few family members have seen the change in my body. This is not a diet, even though I reached goals of weight loss. There is no finish line, this is a change of lifestyle. My whole life I’ve been eating all wrong, with years of weight struggles to show for it. Now this 12-week program has been a big eye opener for me, my wife, our team, our tribe. This isn’t the end, it’s a whole new life. I couldn’t express my gratitude enough to Dr. Hull, Kim, Kelly, Jen, Kai, Erika, guest speakers, Sneha, our Dream Team, and our whole tribe.

My thanks forever.”

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Well-Being Program January 2020: Patient Registration

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