Thyroid Surgery

Clinical precision and expert care.

Thyroid surgery can be used to treat a variety of conditions, including overactive thyroid glands, benign thyroid tumors, and thyroid cancer. However, because the thyroid gland is located near several important structures, surgery requires careful patient evaluation as well as an exceptionally high level of clinical precision.

At Florida Medical Clinic, we have a team of highly experienced surgeons who specialize in thyroid procedures, practicing the latest surgical techniques across several state-of-the-art surgery centers. From minor diagnostic procedures to highly complex operations, we provide all forms of thyroid surgery at Florida Medical Clinic.

Patients with a wide range of diagnoses – or undiagnosed symptoms that indicate the presence of a thyroid condition – can turn to us for:

  • An excisional biopsy – removal of a small part of the thyroid gland for advanced laboratory testing
  • A lobectomy – removal of one lobe, or half, of the thyroid gland
  • A total thyroidectomy – removal of the entire thyroid gland

In addition to providing today’s most advanced forms of thyroid surgery, we also provide comprehensive, individualized care to every patient who turns to Florida Medical Clinic. From pre-operative consultations to post-operative rehabilitation and long-term thyroid hormone treatment, our team offers the support and personalized guidance you need when it comes to thyroid surgery.

And, at Florida Medical Clinic, every aspect of your care is recorded in your electronic health record a file that is instantly accessible by all members of your care team. As a result, every member of your treatment team can review treatment plans, test results, medical charts, and previous appointment notes at a moments notice, leading to a convenient and streamlined experience for you and your family.

To find out more about thyroid surgery at Florida Medical Clinic, contact us today.