Patient Centered Medical Home

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Patient Centered Medical Home?
A Patient Centered Medical Home is not a house, a building, or even a hospital; instead, it is a care delivery system whereby comprehensive health care services are offered by a team of health care professionals that is patient-centric.

A Patient Centered Medical Home is called a “home” because here at Florida Medical Clinic, we would like you to think of your Care Team for all of your health care needs. Our goal in the Patient Centered Medical Home is to provide a care model that is team-based led by your personal clinician who will provide continuous and coordinated care to maximize your health outcomes.

Who is on my Care Team?
Your primary care provider is generally the leader of your Care Team. Your team may also be comprised of specialized physicians, APRNs, PAs, nurses, medical assistants, and other health care professionals. Your Care Team will work together to diagnosis, treat, and manage all of your health care needs.

What are the benefits of a Patient Centered Medical Home?

  • You will be seen by the same Care Team during each office visits
  • Your Care Team will help answer your questions
  • You will have access to appointments quickly; often same-day
  • You are in control of your health
  • We will help you understand your health condition

Why should I be a part of a Patient Centered Medical Home at Florida Medical Clinic?
A major advantage of being a patient at Florida Medical Clinic is our integrated care delivery model. All of our providers have access to the same electronic health record (EHR). This means when a member of the Care Team enters you information into the EHR, all providers at Florida Medical Clinic instantly have access to your health information and you do not need to provide the same information again.

Florida Medical Clinic also integrates over 60 medical specialties under one health system. This means you can see any specialist, have diagnostic test or images completed, and have your prescriptions re-filled and your primary care provider can easily access this information.

We also integrate behavior health care services. Your primary care provider will manage most of your behavior health concerns, but may also consult or refer you to a behavior health specialist here at Florida Medical Clinic. Your PCP and behavior health specialist will work together to co-manage your behavior health needs.

What is Integrated Care?

What are my responsibilities as a patient in a Patient Centered Medical Home?

  • Follow the care plan your Care Team has developed for you
  • Take all your medications as prescribed
  • Attend all of your scheduled appointments
  • Tell us when you don’t understand something, ask us to explain it again
  • Tell us when you receive health care from other health care professionals that are not a part of your Care Team
  • Tell us if you are experiencing any changes in your health

How do I sign up?

Welcome to the Care Team! There is no paperwork or sign up process to be a part of our Patient-Centered Medical Home. We already practice much of the care that’s a part of this new program, but we feel that doing even more under this new approach shows how important your health is to us. We invite you to be an active participant in your own care.

Which providers have received Patient Centered Medical Home recognition?

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