Digital Mammogram Imaging at Florida Medical Clinic


A digital mammogram is an imaging study that is used to detect abnormalities in a person’s breast tissue. A digital mammogram is very similar to a traditional (film) mammogram, although digital images are stored directly on a computer and can be lightened, darkened, or enlarged for a more in-depth analysis. The examination process is virtually identical for digital and film mammography.

One of the main advantages of digital mammography is its enhanced effectiveness in pinpointing abnormalities in men and women with dense breast tissue. On a film mammogram, dense (but perfectly healthy) breast tissue appears white, as do abnormal tissues. A digital mammogram makes it easier to differentiate between abnormal and healthy, dense breast tissues.

Additionally, digital mammograms produce images that can be reviewed almost instantaneously, even while the patient is still in the exam room. In contrast, the images produced during standard mammograms require a longer time frame for development.

Other benefits of digital mammography include:

  • A lower average radiation dosage
  • An easier image to share (in the event that a second opinion is required) and store (as they are kept on a computer rather than in a filing cabinet or desk)
  • The potential for computer analysis (in addition to traditional analysis by a radiologist)

Mammograms are widely recognized as the best method for early breast cancer detection. At Florida Medical Clinic, we are committed to providing our patients with access to the latest preventive care technologies, as well as screening programs that are 100 percent tailored to their unique needs.

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