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Insomnia Treatment for a Restful Night’s Sleep

Insomnia Treatment

If you’ve been living with insomnia, an effective treatment plan is crucial to help you get the restful sleep that you deserve. Changing your sleep habits may be able to help, but medical treatment or cognitive behavioral therapy might also be necessary. At Florida Medical Clinic, our Department of Pulmonology and Sleep Disorders can help you create an insomnia treatment plan that’s right for your unique needs.

Many different things can affect the quality of your sleep, and as such, there are many different treatment options for insomnia. Small, simple changes that you can make include:

  • Participating in regular daily exercise
  • Completing mindfulness and stress reduction activities
  • Avoiding technology for an hour (or longer) before turning out the lights
  • Limiting caffeine and alcohol intake
  • Adhering to a routine sleep schedule (waking up and turning in at the same time each day)
  • Avoiding heavy foods after dinner
  • Developing a relaxation routine before bed
  • Disconnecting from work after you leave the office

If you are experiencing frequent or extended disturbances in your sleep, you may wish to consider one or more other forms of insomnia treatment to supplement your lifestyle changes. Natural medications such as melatonin and valerian root may be able to help enhance your sleep. Prescription sleep aids are also available, although it’s best to only use these for short periods of time.

If your insomnia is related to stress, anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns, cognitive behavioral therapy our counseling may be able to help. And, if your insomnia is potentially being caused by another sleep disorder, such as sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome, treating the underlying cause through medications or breathing devices can provide much-needed relief.

When it comes to insomnia treatment, our team will review each of your options with you and help you find a plan that lets you fall – and stay – asleep. To schedule an appointment with a physician who specializes in sleep disorders and insomnia treatment, contact Florida Medical Clinic today.

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